"GV, do you copy? How are things on your end?"
Xiao Wu , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Xiao Wu, or just Xiao, is a former QUILL operative and one of the protagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Description Edit

He works closely with Gunvolt, providing support for him as an operator. Prefers to be called just Xiao instead of Xiao Wu.

He worked for a division of QUILL in his own country, but after his unit was suddenly taken over by the invading forces of “Eden”, he fled across the sea to join up with Gunvolt to report the invasion.

He’s a pretty straight-laced, serious guy. He’s usually quite calm and gentle, but because to his deep hatred against Eden for their role in the invasion of his homeland, the subject can reveal a very emotional side of him that is not often seen.

Appearance Edit

Xiao is a young boy with green eyes and short blue hair with some lighter ends. He wears a green jacket with black and orange highlights with the sleeves rolled up, a black undershirt, pale green shorts, and thigh high black boots with gold highlights.

He also wears multiple pairs of watches, one on his right wrist, and two on his left.

Role (Plot and otherwise) Edit

Xiao Wu acts as Gunvolt's mission support during many of the stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and provides valuable information regarding hazards and stage gimmicks.

He also is the one who synthesizes Gunvolt's equipment using materials and money.

Infiltrating the Garden Edit

Xiao somehow manages to get Gunvolt and himself into Tashkent, allowing them to infiltrate Eden's headquarters, the Garden. Soon after, his commlink with GV is cut off due to interference by Zonda's septima.

*WARNING! The following text contains MASSIVE spoilers! Read at your own risk! Edit

Hidden Agendas- Secret End Edit

This ending is only attainable after clearing 80% of the Challenges for BOTH Gunvolt and Copen. Once the condition is met, clear Garden 3 again as either hero. The cutscene plays after the post-epilogue save prompt.

Xiao thanks an unknown person for providing him a way to get into the Garden. The other person replies that it's no problem.

The scene reveals an unspecified alleyway where Xiao is talking with Nori. She hands over a pendant-shaped Glaive to him, one that apparently contains all of the Muse's power after Zonda's defeat and GV's duel with Copen.

Xiao questions why it's a pendant, Nori just replies that it looks cuter that way. Nori then talks about how Xiao had planned for Mytyl and Joule's fusion to awaken the Muse and seal it into a pendant. She asks what he plans to do with the pendant, and the power it contains.

Xiao denies any claims, saying that Mytyl had suffered her entire life due to the Muse, but he cannot leave such a power in the hands of Eden or GV. With the Muse's power safely sealed, he claims Mytyl can lead a normal life now. Nori calls him out on his bluff, asking him his REAL intentions. Xiao merely chuckles, and says he has a surprise he's preparing (though he says "it's not anything bad").

The scene fades to black as the game returns to the title screen.

Trivia Edit

  • Xiao's name hints that he is Chinese.
  • Similar to Zeno, Xiao's septima is never revealed.

Japanese Version Edit

"It's not like I'm going to ignore their plots!"

Xiao WuJapanese Official Site

References Edit

Official English Site

Official Japanese Site

Official Japanese tweet regarding Xiao

See AlsoEdit

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