Good day, Azure Strikers. As many of you know, the Gunvolt OVA is about to release, and I have noted that it, like the drama cds, is canon. Currently, everything outside of the main series games is listed in "Other Appearances". However, given that every single piece of media (with the exception of Mighty Gunvolt) is canon, I feel that information on the Drama CD's and OVA should be put under the Plot section as well.

However, I don't really want to smash them in and make a mess. Which is why I'm requesting help in order to make a specific template to go into the Plot section, and have different sections for games, drama cds ect. I would appreciate the help. I have tried experimenting with the tabber in the character infobox, but nothing good has come of it (unless I was doing it wrong. In which case comment how below and make me feel like an idiot).