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  • My occupation is Human Man
  • I am Procrastinating. Please stop me.
  • 愛 日音

    Notice. (Please read)

    September 6, 2017 by 愛 日音

    Hello, Ai Kurai here, bureaucrat and I suppose currently de-facto Head Admin. Just writing this to let you know that as of now, I will br contributing less to this Wiki, as I am entering a very important and critical stage of my life. This does not mean that I'm going to drop out completely, I'll still contribute as frequently as I can, but don't expect me be as active as I once was. Thank you.

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  • 愛 日音

    Hello all! The Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA is finally out, and I just thought I would give my thoughts on it. I'm going to be going in-depth in lots of categories, and hopefully give a good, well rounded review! Please do watch the actual anime before reading this though. Getting to the review:


    The story is more or less an adaptation of the opening stage of the game, 1st Sumeragi. That's.... kinda the main plot. Have to say, I'm kinda disappointed. I mean, it's a GOOD adaptation, but I wasn't hoping for an adaptation, I was hoping for a side story of sorts, perhaps showing what happened during the six months after Joule's rescue. Now, there are some parts that do go into more depth than the game, like GV's leaving of QUILL, which was quit…

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  • 愛 日音

    Good day, Azure Strikers. As many of you know, the Gunvolt OVA is about to release, and I have noted that it, like the drama cds, is canon. Currently, everything outside of the main series games is listed in "Other Appearances". However, given that every single piece of media (with the exception of Mighty Gunvolt) is canon, I feel that information on the Drama CD's and OVA should be put under the Plot section as well.

    However, I don't really want to smash them in and make a mess. Which is why I'm requesting help in order to make a specific template to go into the Plot section, and have different sections for games, drama cds ect. I would appreciate the help. I have tried experimenting with the tabber in the character infobox, but nothing go…

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  • 愛 日音

    "...our search of the Hokkaido region failed to uncover any sign of Lumen, leaving just Japan's remaining three unsearched regions, Kanto, Kinki and Chugoku."

    Nova let out a small sigh and placed the folder containing his report on the table in front of him, before leaning back in his chair and smirking nonchalantly at the seven men he was shared the table with. "Is that all?" One of the chairmen asked. "Yes. But don't worry. I'll likely have all three regions searched by next month, and thus be able to find the Muse's location," Nova reassured. The chairman nodded in satisfaction.

    "Well, with that out of the way, do you mind if I ask a question?" Nova said. "You may," a different chairman replied. Nova closed his eyes briefly, and as he ope…

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  • 愛 日音

    "There are two ways to access your septima. One of those is through intense emotional strength."

    Nova was standing in Training Room 1, hands folded behind his back as he talked. Before him was Jota, who stood with his back rigid, and his favourite katana hanging from his belt. "And the other sir?" He asked. "Sheer will power," Nova answered, a stern look on his face. "That's how I did it. But let's see about you."

    Jota nodded, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. "Can you feel it? The photons in the air... in your body?" Nova asked. "Yes..." Jota replied, his hands balling into fists. "Now, focus on that power, that energy, and turn it into your own... your light... your speed..." Nova continued. Jota nodded, and got into a track start. …

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