"Paradise has become Abaddon. As the king of puppets surrenders to the will of the land, great steel beasts bare fangs at a young hero." - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Garden 2 (Belladen 2 in Japan) is one of the final stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Despite the fact that nearly all of The Seven are gone, Eden's forces continue their defense, attempting to protect Zonda and their utopia. But even the wish for paradise cannot stop the resolute warrior...

Briefing Edit

GV Edit

Quinn: GV is fighting inside Eden's headquarters right now... And here I am just twiddling my thumbs! I feel so useless. C'mon, Joule... Keep him safe for me.

Copen Edit

Copen: 'I continued making my way deep into The Garden. Stay strong, Mytyl. I'll get you out of here. No matter what.'

Stage Composition Edit

GV Edit

  • The door takes you through a series of shutters with electrical panels. It works the same as it did back in the Seraph, zap them all to get the door moving.

Copen Edit

  • Copen's path takes him down below to an area under construction. There a few enemies beside some basic Flyers, but plenty of pits for you to fall down. Watch your step.

Common Edit

  • You will fight through a number of gauntlet rooms. There's no Siren that you can destroy, so you'll have to kill everyone in the room.
  • After defeating the last of The Seven (Asroc or Teseo), you will come face to face with an upgraded Plasma Legion. Expect a tougher fight than back in the Seraph.

Challenges Edit

Road to Paradise - Clear within 11 minutes. Rewards: 3 Graym Cultures.

Heaven's Gates - Clear within 7 minutes. Rewards: 3 Electrums.

Infection - Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 3 Garnets.

Transmission - Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 3 Uranium-235 Crystals.

Destruction - Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 2 Antigravity Engines.

The Seventh Disciple - Clear the stage while taking <400 points of damage. Rewards 5 Faraging Steel.

Seven Stars Falling - Clear the stage while taking <200 points of damage. Rewards: 2 Propulsion Mechanisms.

End of the End - Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. Rewards: 10 Kripp Alloys.

Checking the Board - Clear 3 times. Rewards: 20K Vig.