"People need a compass. For adepts, that compass is Sumeragi."
Nova , Azure Striker Gunvolt

The Sumeragi Group (皇神(スメラギ)グループ; Sumegami [Sumeragi] guruupu; written as "Heavenly Emperor" but read as "Emperor"), often shortened to just Sumeragi, is a massive conglomerate that controls the power companies, the media, space development, and military technology of the nation of Japan, making them it's de facto ruler.

They are also responsible for conducting all of the country's research on Adepts, and are at the forefront of all research on both the Septimal (7th) wave of the Lifewave and Adepts.[1][2]

Sumeragi serves as the main antagonist group of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

History Edit

Ever since the Heian period (794-1185), when the group that would become its roots was founded, Sumeragi has been involved with people who possess supernatural abilities, like the mystics and shamans attached to the Tetrad (4th) and Quinary (5th) waves of the Lifewave who were quite prevalent during that era.[3]

Plot Role Edit

Azure Striker Gunvolt Edit

At some point before the events of the game, Sumeragi created several artificial Adepts, one of them being a girl named the name of Joule. Using her Septima, which manifested itself into a girl called Lumen, Sumeragi used her songs to help them brainwash and control Adepts worldwide in a plan known as "Project Muse", a venture headed by Lieutenant Nova Tsukuyomi. However, eventually Joule is freed by QUILL agent Gunvolt, prompting Sumeragi to begin looking for her. During this time, Gunvolt manages to kill The Sumeragi Seven.

Eventually, Sumeragi manages to track down the muse and recapture her, allowing Project Muse to continue. Unfortunately, Gunvolt heads to the orbital station Firmament and once again frees her, resulting in the deaths of the newly revived Sumeragi Seven, as well as Nova himself, and the failure of Project Muse, sending the Sumeragi Group into a chaotic state.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Edit

As a result of the catastrophic failure of Project Muse, the Sumeragi Group found itself losing a massive amount of money, due to all the resources poured into the project. In addition to this, Nova's death crippled the nation's defense system, allowing the Adept supremacist group Eden to enter the country and wreak complete havoc.

Sumeragi would continue to face losses thanks to Eden, including their reputation being completely destroyed due to Teseo leaking videos of their human experiments.

Factions Edit

Sumeragi Swordsmen Edit

The Sumeragi Swordsmen, or just Swordsmen, are Adepts who have pledged their loyalty to the Sumeragi Group and it's nation, serving as it's elite officers. The Swordsmen are named so because they use Glaives, devices designed by Sumeragi so they can control an Adept's Septima and restrict its usage.

In return, the Adepts who agree to this placed in the upper ranks of Sumeragi's hierarchy. Only seven Swordsmen are known, The Sumeragi Seven, led by Nova, who is admired and respected by all Sumeragi's Swordsmen.

The Sumeragi SevenEdit


The Sumeragi Seven

The Sumeragi Seven are a battalion of seven powerful Swordsmen that directly serve under the leadership of Nova, having personally recruited most of them himself. However, they do not necessarily work together as an official unit, and each generally go about their own duties, though Nova has on occasion rallied them all together to serve him.

Originally, Nova only had five Adepts working for him, however, Sumeragi prisoners and test subjects Elise and Stratos were transferred to his command during the final phase of Project Muse. It is unknown how exactly Nova got Elise to align herself with him, as she refuses to tell.

The Sumeragi Seven serve as the main bosses of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Sumeragi Adept Defence Task ForceEdit

The Sumeragi Adept Defence Task Force is a task force specialized in fighting Adepts. The exact specifics of how this group functions is unknown, however, it is known that the force is headed by Nova. It's unknown if any of Nova's Swordsmen served in this group.

Sumeragi Infantry Edit

Sumeragi Infantry or Sumeragi Soldiers are the main frontline forces of Sumeragi. They are comprised of humans whose mission is to find, capture, or kill Adepts (if necessary), and to maintain peace and order in the island nation of Japan. In addition to their security roles, they are deployed on the front lines in order to neutralize threats caused by QUILL, Eden, or Non-Sumeragi Adepts.

They are divided into five types: Standard Gunners, Flame Gunners, Launchers, Grenades/Squad Leaders, and Assassins.

Known members of the Sumeragi Group Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sumeragi comes from the old Japanese word for "emperor".
  • The Sumeragi Group holds features several Biblical references:
    • Sumeragi's space elevator is named "Babel" (in the English version) after the biblical tower of the same name. Nova himself is also known as "The Babel Master". In the original Japanese version, the elevator is known as "Heaven's Inverted Spear", derived from Japanese mythology.
    • Sumeragi's file number in the QUILL database is 666, the number of the beast.
    • The seven Sumeragi Swordsmen each represent one of the seven deadly sins, as well as an animal based off the sins.
      • Viper represents wrath and is based off a unicorn.
      • Elise represents envy and is based off a snake.
      • Stratos represents gluttony and is based off flies.
      • Merak represents sloth and is based off a grizzly bear.
      • Jota represents pride and is based off a peacock.
      • Carrera represents greed and is based off a hedgehog.
      • Zonda represents lust and is based off a scorpion.

References Edit

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