Subaquatic Base
At the bottom of the sea awaits a cunning adversary: Merak, who forges deadly traps from the fabric of space itself... - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Subaquatic Base (3rd Seabed Base in Japan) is a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Abyss". Gunvolt's objective is to scout out unusual activity in one of Sumeragi's bases. Unbeknownst to GV and QUILL, it is a trap by Merak to kill the Azure Striker.


Moniqa: According to our operatives, Sumeragi has been pushing a large amount
of material through its tertiary subaquatic military base. The nature of the
supplies and recent construction of a new docking platform suggest intent to
build some kind of large, armed submarine.

Gunvolt: But you need visual confirmation.

Moniqa: Affirmative, and if there is an armed submarine down there–

Gunvolt: Disarm it, right? I got it.

Moniqa: Thanks. You sure put the "brief" into "briefing"...

Stage CompositionEdit

This is the water stage, and as such is filled with interesting enemies to bar your way. Launchers will appear a lot in this mission and the first foe you meet is a jellyfish that Overheats you, which should be an indicator of how challenging this stage will be. The initial area contains some elevators, which operate in a set path.

Occasionally, Merak's wormhole traps will trigger, warping you to another part of the level. Generally, these are corridors filled with various enemies. Some wormholes are needed to progress through the level.

  • Note: The wormholes will always follow a set pattern, so this stage isn't really that random.

The final stretches of the stage consist of gradually flooding rooms. Unfortunately, Gunvolt can't swim. If he stays under too long, he quickly loses health by drowning. While Anthem can occur during these segments, the invincibility does not apply to certain effects such as drowning. Also, Gunvolt is not immune to his own electricity, so don't use the Flashfield in or near the water. That merely leads to pain and Overheat.

Merak "The Slothful Conjurer"Edit

Merak will be the Boss in this stage, a guy so lazy he barely fights himself. His flying chair does most of the work. For more details on his fighting style, refer to the link.