"This secluded prison has fallen prey to a two-headed snake with no regard for the laws of life and death..." - Pre-mission Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Stratocombs (Underground Facility in Japan) are a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Underworld". Gunvolt's objective here is to investigate an abandoned laboratory deep underground.

Briefing Edit

Zeno: Feel like doing a little supernatural spelunking, Geeves? We need you to check out Sumeragi's haunted house.

Gunvolt: Their...haunted house.

Zeno: Technically, a storehouse. But from the sound of it, it's ghost central

Gunvolt: Okay, and want me to go? And see? And kick their butts?

Zeno: Ha! No. Not exactly... I did some digging, and it looks like our real target is -under- the storehouse. There's some kind of huge facility down there. Of course, it's not listed in any official records.                        

Gunvolt: So "ghosts" are crawling out of some secret facility? Yeah, that's not suspicious.

Zeno: They may not be ghosts, but some kind of creepies must be crawling out. See what you can find. ...and don't forget your proton pack, huh?

Stage composition Edit

A good deal of the stage is going to be pitch-black. Shining your Flashfield can brighten up your surroundings, but can be a strain on your EP. Flashlight drones dot certain parts of the stage, and can be zapped to shine a light for a bit.

There are various colored panels around the stage, signifying the emergency power supply for this facility. Zapping one will make the whole area visible, and will shut off security lasers of corresponding colors. You can tell which types you've activated based on how the stage is colored.

  • Be careful when activating the emergency power. The Zombie Leapers and Spewers will become active.