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"To break sibling bonds is to invoke the wrath of the wolf - proving that blood truly runs thicker than water" - flavor text (Forfeit)

"Stalwart guardians await in a marine paradise where turbid waters roar and the unworthy dare not dwell." - flavor text (Effusion)

Intro Edit

The Sewers are a stage from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Both GV and Copen play this stage, but they play it very differently.

  • GV's objective is to stop Eden from sabotaging the city's water supply.
  • Copen's objective is to defeat Gibril, who has assisted Teseo in kidnapping Mytyl again. That's all.

Briefing Edit

GV Edit

Xiao: Looks like Eden is up to something down in the sewers. They may want to cut off the city's water access.

Gunvolt: Then I'd better get down there ASAP.

Xiao: One more thing--I think a member of The Seven is there. Which means there's a mirror shard for you to get back!

Copen Edit

Copen: Those Eden bastards will die for what they did to my sister!

Stage Composition Edit

Effusion Edit

  • This is the obligatory water level. Anyone familiar with ASG1 will remember that GV can't use his Flashfield underwater, or he'll Overheat instantly. Thankfully, GV can't die of drowning this time.
    • This restriction applies only for water that reaches up to GV's neck/head. Anything below that, zap away.
  • The second half of the stage will include such "fun" mechanics such as whirlpool currents that send you flying upwards and water blobs that fly at you from the walls. They Overheat you if they hit while your Flashfield is up.

Forfeit Edit

  • This stage only consists of a fight with Gibril. Her attack pattern is the same as when she fights GV.
  • This fight may be easier due to the fact that you can always have a Flashfield up to destroy the blood that makes up a number of her attacks. Moreover, Iron Maiden does not affect your Bullits beyond standard Prevasion activation.

Challenges Edit

Effusion Edit

Taking a Dive - Clear in 11 minutes. Rewards: 5 Garnets

Pipeline Rush - Clear in 7 minutes. Rewards: 1 Ultradense Magnet

Silenced - Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 3 Quartzites.

Ephemeral Seafoam - Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 3 Electrums

A Place Called Home - Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 4 Shock Response Plates

Shock Warning - Clear the stage without Overheating. Rewards: 3 Graym Cultures

Eye of the Storm - Clear the stage without getting hit by any whirlpool currents. This includes the ones Milas makes. Rewards: 5 Polymer Gm238's

Reclamation - Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. Rewards: 10 Garnets

Unexpected Rewards - Clear 3 times. Rewards: 2 Ultradense Magnets

Forfeit Edit

Fractured Plane - Clear in 4 minutes. Rewards: 3K Vig

Living Artillery - Clear in 2 minutes. Rewards: 10K Vig

Nature's Fury - Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 5K Vig

Bloodstains - Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 10K Vig

Piercing Claws - Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 20K Vig

Wolf Stalking Tiger - Clear without using Shred Storm or Healing. Rewards: 20K Vig

Werewolf Hunter - Clear 3 times. Rewards: 10 Nanochip 98's