"An ominous airship looms on the horizon. With a fragile peace hanging in the balance, the Azure Striker takes flight once more." - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Seraph Interior (Apsara Interior in Japan) is Gunvolt's intro stage in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 The objective is to reach the control room of the Sumeragi airship Seraph, which has gone out of control.

Briefing Edit

Xiao: We've got trouble, GV! Sumeragi's airship, the Seraph, has gone out of control!

Gunvolt: These guys are tied in with Eden somehow, right, Xiao?

Xiao: Oh, it's an Eden invasion force all right! Doesn't matter what Eden wants--We can't let them have it.

Gunvolt: Sounds like I need to hitch a ride on the Seraph...

Stage composition Edit

  • The first room contains three Sumeragi grunts that just stand there scared. The door won't open until you defeat them all. You can gain a free Triple bonus (+250 Kudos).
  • This stage also teaches gimmicks involving Flashfield, such as zapping electric panels to lift giant doors.
  • This is the only stage where Sumeragi enemies run the show. Every stage after this is completely Eden's show (except for Teseo's).
  • The area after the first Hexapyle will forcibly activate Anthem. You'll need it to blast your way through the mobs AND outrun whatever Teseo does to the airship.
  • The boss of this stage is the Plasma Legion.

Challenges Edit

Baleful Twilight - Clear the stage within 7 minutes. Rewards: 3 Kripp Alloys

Astronomical Credo - Clear the stage within 4 minutes. Rewards: 3 Garnets

An Expanding World - Clear the stage with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 3 Nanochip 98's

Azure Fantasia - Clear the stage with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 3 Graym Cultures

Lightning Legend - Clear the stage with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 5 Quartzites

Overkill - Finish off the Plasma Legion with a Special Skill. Rewards: 5 Polymer Gm238's

Boundary Lines - Collect all 5 medals and clear the stage. Rewards: 10K Vig

The Intruder - Clear the stage 3 times. Rewards: 10 Graym Cultures