Granted by some pendants
Damage nullification

Prevasion [Mayfly in Japan] is a passive ability in Azure Striker Gunvolt.

English Game Description Edit

When Gunvolt isn't using the Flashfield, he will automatically neutralize incoming attacks in exchange for EP. This is known as Prevasion.

Although Prevasion consumes EP, as long as you manually recharge your EP by double-tapping [down on the D-pad] you can effectively become invincible.

Prevasion is a pendant ability, and can be disabled by removing Gunvolt's pendant.

Effect Edit

Some pendants when equipped can grant the Prevasion ability.

While the ability is active, any damage incurred will be redirected such that it subtract points from Gunvolt's EP meter rather than his health meter. Thus, constantly recharging EP grants Gunvolt pseudo-invincibility.

Moreover, Gunvolt himself will not stagger or knockback when he takes damage; an electrical emanation of Gunvolt from the Prevasion will absorb the damage for him.

Although Prevasion prevents Gunvolt from sustaining any actual damage, getting hit in some way still reduces Gunvolt's Kudos count to zero.

The effects of Prevasion are disabled as long as Gunvolt is activating his Flashfield or if he removes the Prevasion-granting pendant.

*Note: Prevasion is not a perfect ability. It cannot protect Gunvolt from passive damage effects, such as if he is drowning in the Subaquatic Base. It also cannot negate status affliction attacks, such as Elise's Gorgon Eye or Carrera's Quasar Collapse

Pendants that Grant Prevasion Edit

Below is a list of pendants that can grant Prevasion:

  • Prevasion Chain
  • Geist Locket
  • Solid Medallion
  • Shield Medallion
  • Overflash Pendant
  • Chargeguard Pendant
  • Barrier Locket
  • Geist Locket +
  • Solid Medallion +
  • Shield Medallion +
  • Overflash Pendant +
  • Chargeguard Pendant +
  • Barrier Locket +

Reference Edit

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