"When you talk about ideals... a plan in which nobody gets hurt would clearly be the best... But that's... mere rubbish."
Nova , Justice Rage

Nova Tsukuyomi, "The Mighty", known in Japan as Babel Master, Tsukuyomi Shiden (高天の支配者 (バベル マスター) 月読紫電, Baberu Masutā, Tsukuyomi Shiden; Babel Master literally meaning "Governor of the Heavens") is the leader of the Sumeragi Adept Defence Task Force, a powerful military lieutenant and the main antagonist of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Commanding The Sumeragi Seven of the Sumeragi Group and bearing mysterious ties to Gunvolt's past, Nova seeks to use the anthem of The Muse, Lumen, in the plan known as Project Muse, to administrate the Adepts throughout the world at once, thus ensuring what he deems to be peace for his beloved nation.

An Adept with intricate ties to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Nova has an affinity for the Psychokinesis Septima, a power that grants him the ability to control physical matter and energy with his mind.

English Website Description Edit

A small army of adepts and soldiers serve under this young, charismatic Sumeragi lieutenant. Nova is an enigmatic guy who often speaks in riddles and looks down on others. The scope of his septimal power is largely unknown; however, he is considered the most powerful amongst all the adepts in the Sumeragi Group. He is in charge of a project that, if successful, would give Sumeragi complete control over all of the nation’s adepts under the guise that these adepts are a threat to national security.

Appearance Edit

Nova is a young teenage boy with red eyes and spiky purple hair, with one white spike. He wears a black Sumeragi uniform with gold, purple and white highlights, gold buttons, a cape, and black shoes with white highlights.

In his Weaponized form, Nova's appearance changes dramatically, not even resembling a human being anymore, instead a warped metallic statue. He is much larger, completely dwarfing other characters. The right side of his body is primarily black, and the other white, with gold highlights on his head. In the centre of his chest is a blue and purple orb. He also gains an additional four arms. His voice also has a deep, somewhat distorted echo to it.

Personality Edit

Nova generally presents himself as a calm and civil person. He is very level-headed, staying calm even when his project is on the verge of failure, and boasts a perceptive, strategic mind to boot. He is also rather polite, thanking Gunvolt for keeping the muse safe, and even offers to pay him, though this is likely in a mocking manner. He also shows extreme loyalty to the Sumeragi Group, believing that only they can bring order and peace to the world.

Nova is also incredibly arrogant, showing a great confidence in his abilities. This shows when he apparently puts no effort into his first fight with Gunvolt, and seems genuinely surprised when he notes how strong GV is.

A noticeable aspect about Nova is his strong love for peace and justice. Everything he does is for the end goal of a peaceful nation, a goal he is willing to do anything to achieve, even brainwashing his fellow Adepts. He shows a strong hatred for the "evil" that Gunvolt and QUILL represent, seeing them as terrorists that need to be disposed of.

However, despite his reasoning for this being the goal of a just world, it is hinted that his loathing is linked to a complex regarding Gunvolt himself, who mastered the Septima that Nova never could, something he seemingly never got over.

After his transformation, Nova's composure all but disappears. His calm, mocking tone is replaced with a frantic, energetic one as he goes on and on about his power. His arrogance increases to the point where he becomes nothing short of delusional, declaring himself to be the ultimate ruler of the world, and that he will bring peace to the planet. At one point, he flat out declares himself a God, and that all life is weak before him, perhaps showing a glimpse of Nova's true nature: a narcissistic, angry child whose feelings of pride, envy and rage, as well has his fanatical patriotism, have corrupted his once-innocent sense of justice.

Nova's conversation with Jota however, does reveal that Nova would very much like to do away with Project Muse, not wanting anyone to be hurt, and even states his dislike for Glaives. However, he pessimisticly dismisses these hopes as little more than unobtainable rubbish.

Plot RoleEdit

Nova was originally an orphan raised in a Sumeragi Adept research institution, and was used as a test subject in "Project Gunvolt", an attempt to recreate a specific type of Adept known as "Azure Strikers". Despite being predicted to have a higher compatibility level than even "Takefutsu", Nova failed to match with Azure Thunderclap.

However, instead he was gifted with something arguably greater: Psychokinesis, a power that required two sub-glaives in addition his primary one to suppress.

Afterwards, showing a talent in both politics and battle, Nova rose to become the commander of Sumeragi's Adept Defence Task Force, specifically commanding seven other Adepts.

At some point before the story, Nova was selected to lead "Project Muse".

Azure Striker GunvoltEdit

Sinner's Row (Kaleidoscape)Edit

Eventually, the muse is freed by QUILL agent Gunvolt, prompting Nova to begin searching for her.

In Firmament, upon being informed by a soldier that one of his adepts, Zonda, has been defeated, Nova, disappointed, assumes QUILL was behind it. However, he is told that Zonda was beaten by a young boy known as Copen.

Remembering him as Dr. Kamizono's son, Nova dismisses him as a threat, to the soldier's doubt. Nova just states that the world is full of surprises, like Copen, and even hopes that he and QUILL will destroy each other, saving them any trouble. He then demands they focus their attention on finding Lumen.

Capturing the MuseEdit

At some point after their deaths, Nova's adepts are revived by his necromancer, Elise, whom he seduced to his side under unknown circumstances. After being informed of the Muse's location, he sends the newly revived Merak to capture her. Merak succeeds and delivers Joule to Nova. Gunvolt however, purses Merak, who sends a Sumeragi tank to face him.

When GV destroys it, Nova contacts him, criticizing him for destroying all his company's "toys". Gunvolt then asks who he is. Nova, relieved he got the right frequency, introduces himself as the commander of all the adepts Gunvolt killed.

Despite this, he thanks him for keeping his Muse safe, and offers him a reward, asking how large he wants his check. Gunvolt demands that he give back Joule, to which Nova denies, saying she's the centre of Sumeragi's project, which is to use her songs to brainwash the world's adepts.

Gunvolt is horrified, but Nova states that brainwashing isn't uncommon nowadays, and that it's something needed to keep their nation safe. He then tells Gunvolt to look forward to Lumen's performance, before hanging up.

Firmament (Idolatry)Edit

Undeterred, Gunvolt heads to Firmament, beating Nova's adepts and Copen once again along the way. Eventually, he comes face to face with Nova, who gladly welcomes him, before showing him Joule, who is hooked up to a machine that gives him total control over The Muse.

Noting that Gunvolt bumped into Copen on the way up, he mentions that Copen's father played a crucial role in developing the tech used for controlling adepts, and that Sumeragi wouldn't be anything without him, making a note to thank Copen. Gunvolt, tired of the conversation, demands Joule be released. Nova just shrugs off GV's antsy attitude, and uses the machine to summon Lumen. Asking Gunvolt if he really thinks he can beat him, Nova uses Lumen to generate a shield for him, before attacking his nemesis.

During the fight, Nova explains that as long as Lumen's shield is up, nothing can hurt him. He also mentions that she is boosting his own septimal power, and marvels at his strength. Lumen weakly calls out to Gunvolt to stop her, but Nova dismisses her, saying she can't do anything.

Gunvolt demands he stop toying with her, to which Nova replies what he does is for peace. He explains that adepts are dangerous, and must be controlled. Gunvolt claims that there must be another way, to which Nova agrees, but states that there is no time. He explains that numerous foreign governments are seeking Sumeragi's tech, and in order for the nation to survive, they must build an army using Project Muse.

Denouncing what Nova calls "just", Gunvolt claims he's only here for Joule, with Nova calmly dubbing him as the evil one, and suggests he lays down until his work is finished.

Eventually, Gunvolt manages to dispel Lumen's shield. Nova, shocked by Gunvolt's power, admits that the latter truly is Sumeragi's greatest creation, only to now say the he will actually have to "try" now, before absorbing not only three Glaives, but Joule, in a flash of light that teleports him and Gunvolt into outer space, revealing Nova's monstrous Weaponized form. Nova declares that his Godlike power is for the protection of the nation, and he will crush Gunvolt's wickedness. He then summons his drones, before attacking Gunvolt.

During the fight, Nova explains that The Muse has the power to control minds, while his own septima, Psychokinesis, controls physical matter. With both under his control, Nova declares himself to be omnipotent, and can control adepts all over the world, claiming all are weak before him, and that he will bring peace to the planet. Disgusted, Gunvolt tells him that he has no right to rule over anyone. Furious, he swears go kill Nova to free Joule.

Amused by Gunvolt, Nova promises to deliver divine punishment upon him. However, despite Nova's immeasurable power, he is eventually defeated.

Shocked and horrified as his defeat, Nova bitterly declares that Gunvolt will know nothing but devastation from this point onwards, and warns him that an Adept rebellion approaches, before perishing in a colossal explosion.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Edit

Nova's warning of an adept uprising would eventually come to pass, as his death crippled the nation's defenses, allowing the adept union Eden, led by Nova's former subordinate Zonda, to break into the country and cause complete chaos.

Nova's "Diva Project" was later adopted by Zonda in a similar scheme to obtain Godhood.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: The AnimeEdit

Nova appears hosting a press conference after Gunvolt's attack on Sumeragi's relay station. He gives a statement using the incident as propaganda to prove that Adepts cannot be trusted.

Six months earlier, Nova is backstage with several technicians at a Lumen concert, and tells them to say alert. One asks what it's like for an Adept to hear Lumen's song, but Nova states that, since his septimal powers are contained within a Glaive, he wouldn't know. He then leaves to go to Building One, where Joule is kept, suspecting something bad will happen.

Justice RageEdit

Shiden's ReminiscenceEdit

The track begins with a young Nova during the Project Gunvolt tests. He attempts to utilize the Septimal power "Azure Striker", but fails horribly and falls unconscious.

Disappointed that Nova has failed, despite his predicated high compatibility, the older scientist orders his assistant to go to find another power to implant in him: the older of them is reminded of the other test subject they have thinking he might have higher probabilities of success.

The track ends on Nova's echoing thoughts, protesting that only he should be given Azure Striker, and that only he can be Gunvolt.

Sword HoldersEdit

Suddenly, Nova is shaken awake by Jota, who noticed he seemed to be having a bad dream. Nova reassures him, saying he was just reminiscing, and remarks how comfy Sumeragi's cars are. After awhile, they get out and began walking towards their destination.

Noting the worn and damaged environment, Nova wonders if one of the gangs did the damage. Jota dubs it "remains of some past territorial war", caused by adepts who don't realize the point of their powers. He then requests that someone as important as Nova should take note of this.

Nova disagrees, saying he isn't that important. Jota insists that Nova's ideals must be made aware, and that they must quicken Project Muse. However, Nova admits that Project Muse is just the best course of action they have at the moment, and is merely appeasement, going on to say a plan where none are harmed is the best one, being admitting such a plan is rubbish. Jota worries if he said something too presumptuous, but Nova reassures him, saying he's glad to have a supporter like him.

The conversation then shifts to the adept they are tracking: Viper, leader of the street gang Maiden Blood, who almost single handedly defeated the other top gang, L&D. Jota disapproves of Viper, claiming he has no cause, though Nova says that they could still use him. Jota then suggests that Nova leave the work to him, which Nova dismisses.

Nova explains that all high-ranking adepts in the Sumeragi Group, including them, are controlled through glaives. If an adept uses a glaive, it is recorded in the company records. Nova says that he is no different, but reveals that he can still use his septima without using his glaive, to Jota's shock.

Nova urges him to keep it a secret, saying the top brass like to think of glaives as a total control system, and that there are suggestions that sub-glaives should be used. Jota agrees to keep Nova's secret. The latter thanks him, before admitting that he isn't fond of glaives, saying when he transforms, his ego is exposed for all to see, and that he hopes glaives will no longer be necessary if Project Muse succeeds, and that experiments will no longer take place, citing Stratos as an example.

At that moment, the two hear someone calling out Viper's name, and hurry in it's direction.

Flame and WaterEdit

Nova and Jota manage to trace the voice to its source, finding Viper and a water adept affiliated with L&D. The L&D adept attacks Viper, only to be swiftly beaten and sent running.

Nova makes himself known and praises Viper, before revealing they are with Sumeragi, and offers Viper a place in the group. Viper refuses and challenges Nova to a fight.

Justice & RageEdit

Almost immediately, Nova manages to defeat Viper. Furious, Viper begins blaming his septima, saying he never asked for it, and that it's no good.

Nova disagrees, saying that if he joins Sumeragi, his power will have a point. Viper refuses to join, but Nova leaves his business card anyway, then leaves with Jota.

Other AppearancesEdit

Mighty Gunvolt BurstEdit

Nova appears as a collectible pixel sticker in Mighty Gunvolt Burst by clearing the "Full Marks" Challenge by getting an "S" rank in a stage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a human attuned to the Septimal stage of the Lifewave, Nova is an extraordinarily powerful adept whom is capable of harnessing the Septima known as Psychokinesis (念動力(サイコキネシス), Saikokineshisu lit. Telekinetic Power), which grants him the ability to control all physical matter; it's said that Nova's Septima is the absolute strongest and highest ranked among the Adepts in service of Sumeragi, and is said to surpass Azure Striker, the apparent "ultimate septima", as a pure battling ability, ranking Nova among the up most powerful adepts on the planet, his raw strength equalling and possibly surpassing that of Gunvolt himself.

The might of Psychokinesis turns Nova's thoughts into energy through latent septimal power, distorting all forms of space and matter to achieve the result Nova desires. Even before Lifewave was uncovered by scientists, abilities similar to Nova's Septima were around, and thus, his Psychokinesis could be classified as the original Septima from which all others seem to be hewn from; being exceptionally powerful and completely matchless, allowing Nova to live up to his title of "The Mighty".

Psychokinesis's status as the original Septima can be proven in that there are several Septimas that showcase similar abilities to control physical matter and warp spacetime. The abilities it grants are also extremely basic, yet it is that simplicity that grants Nova such an ungodly amount of power, it's vague specifics letting it trump any other Septima when it comes to raw power.

Another indicator of Nova's unmatched Septima power amongst Sumeragi is that even though he had sealed his powers in three glaives, even without weaponizing, he is still able engage in combat at a level that makes him appear as if he still has his full power and put up a good fight against the likes of an Azure Striker whilst putting no real effort into the fight, albeit while assisted by an outside source; in contrast, the Swordsmen have to undergo the process of weaponization to access their Adept powers.

Interestingly, in the past, when taken in by Sumeragi, Nova was to receive the Azure Striker Septima as utilized by his archenemy Gunvolt and said enemy's mentor, Asimov, even being a part of "Project: Gunvolt", and is stated to have a higher affinity prediction than either of them. However, he never manifested the signature control over electrons of the Septima.

This failed attempt to transplant the Azure Striker into his body resulted in scientists hastily infusing the Inducers for his current Septima into him, allowing him to miraculously survive. As a side note, his unfulfilled desire for Gunvolt's power seemed to have a profound psychological effect on him.

Nova's Psychokinesis enables him to fly about unassisted at varying speeds, move a wide variety of objects around with nothing but thoughts guiding them, launch ring-shaped projectiles and orbs in a myriad of formations and direction which seem to home in on his opponents, and even surround himself in a field of septimal energy and charge his opponent to damage them – all this, without using his Glaives.

Nova's Septima is intricately linked with one of the Sumeragi Group's most notable creations, the Special Attack Satellite: Star Dragon (特攻衛星「星辰」, Tokukōeisei – Seishin), which is a satellite that orbits the world. To the public, the Star Dragon is an unarmed satellite that is designed to observe the populace and transmit signals all across the world, but in reality, the Star Dragon could be considered a mechanical monstrosity, equipped with a phenomenally powerful cannon that unleashes a myriad of laser beams upon the earth at potential targets for the conglomerate.

Originally, the Special Attack Satellite was outside of Nova's jurisdiction, and thus, he could not access it – however, a member of Sumeragi whom was loyal to Nova gave the satellite a complete overhaul as to transform it into a weapon of mass destruction which Nova could control through his Psychokinesis.

When weaponized, the Star Dragon's status as a WMD is fully revealed upon his opponents, using his Septima to force the satellite to execute offensive commands by releasing lasers from the heavens that rain down divine punishment like the fists of an angry god. Like every other Adept with a perfect connection with the Lifewave, Nova is able to invoke Skills, which are specialized techniques that make the most of his Septima, accompanied by skill names and elegant haikus.

However, like most of the Sumeragi adepts as well as The Seven of the multinational adept group known as Eden, by using a specially designed device, in this case, a Glaive, which artificially augments and boosts his abilities to higher levels when transformed, it appears that several abilities Nova displays in both of his battles against Gunvolt are actually skills, the Skill Point cost required for each completely removed as a result of weaponization.

Nova is unique amongst the Adepts of Sumeragi in that he requires three Glaives to suppress his power to a reasonable level, due to the leaders of the conglomerate being highly fearful of his Septima and deciding to split his septimosome into a trifecta of glaives to properly contain his overwhelming might.

The primary glaive, Ame no Murakumo (天叢雲(アメノムラクモ), Ame no Murakumo lit. Heavenly Plexus Clouds) is known to be a silvery blade, and Yatagarasu (八咫烏(ヤタガラス), Yatagarasu lit. Eight-Legged Crow) and Kurohyō (黒豹(クロヒョウ), Kurohyō lit. Black Panther), his secondary Glaives, are white and black respectively.

Nova's Glaives are unique amongst the other models used by the Swordsmen in that they're tools that never existed previously, being completely artificial and modern in nature, built from scratch to properly contain Nova's immeasurable might.

Using all three Glaives to transform shows the true depths of Nova's Septimal power, enlarging him to the point that the entire final battle takes place on an exposed platform with the curve of the earth below, with Nova becoming a gigantic robotic humanoid monstrosity, a transformation that lives up to Dr. Kamizono's claim of Adepts being "monsters".

Showing even greater power in this form, when weaponized, Nova can fire orbs from the sky as usual, but also releasing high-intensity winds and shockwaves, and detaching his extra arms to strike at his enemy independently.

When Nova undergoes the process of weaponization with his trio of glaives, while the Ame no Murakumo stabilizes the transformation, the sub-glaives themselves undergo two individual metamorphoses, with Kurohyō becoming Panther Force (地より這出し陰の化身(パンター フォース), Pansā Fōsu lit. The Shadow's Embodiment Coming Crawling from the Earth) and Yatagarasu evolving into Raven Force (天を往く太陽の化身(レイヴン フォース), Reivun Fōsu lit. The Sun's Embodiment Going to the Heavens), the former becoming a black panther and a white eagle, respectively; these mechanized critters act as septima-driven combat drones, Panther Force lashing out at Nova's enemies with dark energy and Raven Force unleashing light and wind.

Just like Gunvolt and Copen, Nova is able to directly link with the Muse, an elusive and potent Septima which grants those affected by it enormous strength and power amplification by aligning their wavelengths, albeit forcibly on his own end. This grants him the ability to use Joule's Muse ability to project a barrier in order to prevent his enemies from harming or even tagging him, even reflecting bullets towards the one who fired them.

However, Gunvolt was shown to have dispelled the barrier with clever utilization of his Flashfield, albeit only momentarily, with the shield regenerating after a brief moment. In his weaponized form, Joule's barrier envelops the vulnerable core in the middle of his chest, shielding it from harm. Panther Force and Raven Force seem to be involved in the maintenance of this barrier, as Gunvolt was again able to momentarily dispel it by tagging and shocking both drones at the same time.





Nova receives a passive protection barrier using Lumen's power. As long as the barrier remains, Gunvolt cannot tag Nova, as the barrier reflects his tags back as damaging purple needles. The barrier can be dispelled by keeping the Flashfield in contact with Lumen, allowing Gunvolt to tag Nova, though the barrier will regenerate very quickly the moment Lumen loses contact with the Flashfield.

  • Tags on Nova are removed the moment the barrier regenerates.

体当たり Body Blow

Nova hovers down until he is almost touching the ground, then dashes forward and slightly upward, covering most of the screen's width. Avoid by jumping over Nova with precise timing, or by staying completely out of his way.

Mind RingEdit

リングビーム Ring Beam

Nova fires a volley of ring-shaped projectiles. He will either fire three rings at the same height, three rings with the middle ring higher than the others, or two rapid-fire bursts of three rings each. Avoid by being behind Nova when he fires, or by jumping through the rings.

Mind ShotEdit

自機狙い弾 Machine Aim Bullet

Nova begins using this attack at battle phase two. Nova flies to the ceiling and fires a series of orbs aimed directly at Gunvolt. Avoid by moving slowly away from Nova, jumping up the wall if you reach it.

Mind BombingEdit

爆撃 Bombing

Nova begins using this attack at battle phase two. Nova flies high up and dashes from one end of the arena to the other, dropping orbs straight down at set locations. Avoid by dashing in the same direction as Nova, or by standing horizontally between the dropped orbs. Gaps between the orbs will be present both slightly to the left and slightly to the right of Joule.

Mind MelderEdit

サイコフュージョン Psycho Fusion


Mind Melder

"Ruler from above / hunt your sworn nemeses down / and leave them no quarter! Mind Melder!"

Nova's special skill. Nova spawns a formation of Orbs around Gunvolt. The Orbs appear either in four diagonal directions (forming an "X" shape) or two horizontal and two vertical ("+" shape) around Gunvolt, proceeding to move inwards with Gunvolt needing to jump or walk out according to the shape. The fifth formation will merge into a giant orb after meeting in the center, which will then fly horizontally towards Gunvolt.

  • The Orb formations always follow a "X", "+", "X", "+", "X" sequence.

Final FormEdit


Nova's final form has a barrier to protect his core. While it cannot reflect Gunvolt's needles, the barrier will only stay down as long as Gunvolt is constantly shocking both of Nova's combat drones, Panther Force and Raven Force, with the Flashfield at the same time.

Divine WindEdit

Raven Force, the white drone, will lower to Gunvolt's level and start pushing him to the left with wind, trying to knock him off the stage. Falling off is instant death.

Darkness ClawEdit

Panther Force, the black drone, will release a ground-based shock wave that grows in height as it travels. Avoid it by either jumping over it while it's still short, or by leaping off at the right side and hovering with the Flashfield until the shockwave ends at the other side of the platform.

Orb VolleyEdit

Works like a reverse Mind Melder. Nova drops three orbs onto the platform, each of which splits into four small orbs that fly in an "X" or a "+" pattern.

  • The first orb is dropped at the center of the platform, and the next two are dropped with one on the left and one on the right, although it's unknown which will be dropped where.
  • The orbs always split in an "X" pattern, then a "+", then an "X".
Divine LightningEdit

Nova fires energy beams from the Star Dragon satellite to attack Gunvolt. Several vertical orange lightning bolts will crackle for a second or two, then damaging energy beams will appear at their locations. Stay away from the lightning to avoid the beams.

Double LasersEdit

Nova begins using this attack at battle phase two. The two drones will each fire a laser beam, one near the ground, one in the air. Avoid by using multi-jumps. It's also possible to avoid by jumping over the lower beam and landing before the upper beam hits, but the timing is tight.

Fists of GodEdit

Nova begins using this attack at battle phase two. Two of Nova's arms release energy pulses on the platform at either side, before two more slam down and unleash a large shockwave. Avoid the pulses by keeping away, and the shockwave by jumping off the edge and hovering back, or by using multi-jumps.

  • The slamming hands will inflict contact damage even after crashing down.
Clamator AethereusEdit

鳴動(めいどう)の虚空(ソラ)、 彼方(かなた)より 招来(きた) るもの, The One Invited (Come) from Beyond the Rumbling Void (Skies)

Emperor and God / Sent from galaxies afar / To punish fools like this! Clamator Aetherus!

Nova's final form's special skill. Nova slowly drops a gigantic fireball onto the field while continuing his attack patterns. If Gunvolt does not defeat Nova in time, or if he comes into contact with the fireball by jumping, the fireball will engulf him, killing him instantly. Lumen's Anthem cannot save him from this attack.

Quotes Edit

"What's this...? That saddens me... another one of QUILL's grievous deeds I presume?"
Nova , receiving news of Zonda's death

"Nope... He knows how to stir up trouble, but we needn't get involved. He's the lone wolf type, plus he's not even an adept... Just a plain human, with a huge grudge."
Nova , dismissing Copen as a threat

"The world is full of surprises. Sometimes, you get ones like him. It would be nice if he and QUILL would just take each other out for good. For now, focus and bringing Lumen back to me. Our little "project" will be in dire straits without our precious diva."
Nova , ordering the Muse's return

"Phew, thank goodness. Looks like I got the frequency just right. Nice to meet you, Gunvolt. I'm Nova, the guy in charge of all those adepts you wasted. I guess I should thank you though, for taking care of my idol... I would really like to repay you for your kindness. How much vig should I make the check out for?"
Nova , introducing himself to Gunvolt

"Brainwashing isn't really all that uncommon nowadays, you know. But it's something we need to keep our fair nation safe. Not that a terrorist like you would understand such things... Ta ta for now, Gunvolt. Please look forward to Lumen's big performance."
Nova , hanging up on Gunvolt

"Hehe... Looks like he's come to fetch my caged canary. Right Lumen? Or, should I call you Joule?"
Nova , witnessing Gunvolt's arrival to Firmament

"Oh, this gizmo? It gives me total control over The Muse's powers. By the way, you bumped into Copen on your way up here, didn't you? This gizmo is just one piece of the puzzle... Copen's father built the foundation for the tech used to control adepts. Sheez... Sumeragi as we know it today really is all thinks to him. I'll be sure to thank Copen later."
Nova , on Dr. Kamizono's machine

"Good grief, you're quite antsy. Ah well, whatever. Now, experience exactly what this machine is capable of."
Nova , about to face Gunvolt

"As long as The Muse is here with me, your attacks will do nothing. Not to mention, her powers are boosting my own septimal power... And I'm not even using a Glaive! Her powers are really something!"
Nova , relishing in his power

"I'm shocked, you're... pretty strong. You're indeed our finest creation. Looks like I actually have to try now. It's time for you to see my real power!"
Nova , about to transform

"This Godlike power is for the protection of our nation and her people! My righteousness with crush the wicked!"
Nova , after his transformation

"You see, The Muse has the ability to control people's minds. While my psychokinesis grants me dominance over physical matter. Those are the two building blocks of life. I now control both. I have become omnipotent! With this power, I can control adepts all over the world. Both adepts and humans are all weaklings compared to me now... Under my rule, I will protect the weak and give them peace. That's right... I am the ultimate ruler! The Heavenly Emperor! I - AM - SUMERAGI!!"
Nova , declaring his power

"No! My absolute order cannot be broken...! You imbecile... You are... a... fool... All that awaits you now... is chaos... and destruction... Without order in society, adepts will revolt. The rebellion is coming...!
Nova , in his dying moments

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version, Nova is the only character to have an authentically Japanese name: Shiden.
  • Unlike his Swordsmen, who are each based off one of the Seven Deadly Sins and animals relating to those sins, traits of Nova's personality seem inspired by the sins as a whole, with pride, wrath, envy and greed being the most obvious.
    • Additionally, concepts art reveals that Nova once had a much more Satanic Weaponized form, being more humanoid and sprouting goat horns. This, coupled with the Seven Deadly Sins motif of the Swordsmen and his particularly strong sense of pride, could suggest that Nova is based off Lucifer, which would make his corresponding animal the goat.
  • Despite Lumen supposedly being controlled by Nova during his boss fight, her Anthem can still activate.
  • Nova is one of three known participants in Project Gunvolt, the other two being Gunvolt and Asimov.
    • Nova is not only the only one of the three not to join QUILL, but also the only one who didn't receive Azure Thunderclap.
  • Nova's voice actor, Ayumu Murase, is also the Japanese voice of Beck, the protagonist of Mighty No.9, who also has the title "Mighty."
  • Nova is the only known adept with more than one glaive, with a total of three.
  • Nova's Japanese name "Shiden" means "purple lightning", referencing both his primary colour and his history with the Azure Striker septima. It can also mean "swordflash", possibly referencing the Glaives used by Sumeragi.
    • His last name, Tsukuyomi, is derived from Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, a lunar deity in Shinto and Japanese mythology.
  • The names of Nova and his Sumeragi Seven are taken from luxury cars. Nova's name is taken on the Chevrolet Nova.
  • Nova shares several similarities with Copy X, the main antagonist of the first Mega Man Zero game, another series developed by Inti Creates. Both serve as an effective ruler for the masses, with them being a member of the race that they persecute albeit well-intentioned, and they both suffer from an inferiority complex. Their boss battles both take place atop an orbital elevator, both possess a divine-looking second form, and in both second battles the floor becomes smaller and flanked by bottomless pits. Further reinforcing this similarity, during an interview Inti Creates compared ASG1 to the first Zero game, while comparing ASG2 to the second Zero game.
  • Nova's final form also bears a resemblance to Omega from Mega Man Zero 3.
  • Nova is often associated with checks.
  • According to an official height chart, Nova is 170cm (5'7") tall.
  • There is a slightly modified and unused version of Nova's second battle theme in the game's files. 
    GV BGM2 018a LP 32.dspadpcm

Japanese Version Edit

"How tragic... Is this the work of Feather again?"
Shiden, Japanese official site

  • Title: Babel Master

References Edit

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