"Masked servants welcome all to a darkened abode, yet permit none to leave. In place of fear, there is only the foreboding pounding in a hero's heart."-flavor text

Intro Edit

The Mysterious Manor is one of Gunvolt's exclusive stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, codenamed "Luminescence".

This manor is the nexus for a series of suspicious disappearances. Normally, this wouldn't be too much of an issue, but one of the victims was a classmate of Quinn's.

Ever willing to help, GV decides to look into it, only to find something a bit...bloody.

Briefing Edit

Quinn: You've heard about the folks who went missing, right, GV? Well, it turns out an old friend of mine is also missing. They might not be connected, but it's a friend, so...

Gunvolt: No worries, Quinn. I'll look into it.

Stage Composition Edit

  • The manor is lined with windows that can be smashed with the Flashfield. The purple ones can contain money, health, or even medals. Be careful, they can even hide Zombie Shamblers.
  • Early in the 1st phase, you will encounter your first Zombie Shambler. They don't move too quick, and can only swipe at you to attack. But give them a shock, and then...
  • There are Iron Maidens littering the stage after the gauntlet room. The open ones can spring from the background to try and shut you inside, bypassing Prevasion and Overheating you. The closed ones with faces will shake and rumble, releasing a Zombie Shambler when you get close.
  • The second area contains pools of blood on the floor or ceiling. Passing them generates a spear or axe to try and damage you. Flashfield can dissipate the blood pools.
  • Past the Hexapyle to Gibril's arena is a secret area literally littered with Iron Maidens. It also contains the last few medals and a secret skill for Gunvolt.

Challenges Edit

Wicked Prayers- Clear within 12 minutes. Rewards 5 Graym Cultures

Innumerable Fears- Clear within 8 minutes. Rewards 1 Custom Servophoton

Jasmine- Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards 3 Polymer Gm238's

Belladonna- Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards 3 Uranium-235 Crystals

Floriography Animus- Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards 1 Antigravity Engine

Hero Ascendant- Destroy all stained glass windows. This includes the ones in the secret area. Rewards 3 Kripp Alloys

Sleep of the Witches- Clear this stage without killing any Zombie Shamblers. Rewards 5 Xiwidias

Liverwort- Clear this stage after obtaining all five medals in one run. Rewards 10 Graym Cultures

Nocturne- Clear 3 times. Rewards 2 Custom Servophotons

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