Media Tower
Standing watch over the media tower is Sumeragi's shining sentinel, Jota. Light and lightning will soon clash and be tested...- Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Media Tower is a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Minaret". Gunvolt's objective is to sabotage the tower, which broadcasts both Lumen's Anthem and Sumeragi's propaganda.

In the english version it's known as "UTU Media Tower" while in the Japanese version it's known as "Grand Radio Tower Amaterasu", named after the Goddess of Sun in Japanese mythology.


Gunvolt: What am I up against, Asimov?

Asimov: You've heard of Utu Media Tower? Sumeragi used it to stream the Muse's
Anthem. We need you to scale the tower exterior and subdue any guards and
mechs. While their pants are down, I'll storm the building and meet you at the
top. Right now, Utu is back to broadcasting Sumeragi's usual propagandist
noise, but Joule will sleep better at night once the tower is silenced for good.

Gunvolt: Why Asimov... If I didn't know better, I'd say you cared.

Asimov: I care about the threat that place poses to QUILL. ...Hope you're not
afraid of heights.

Stage Composition Edit

The stage itself is a primarily vertical ascent to the top, where the boss Jota awaits.

Various linear catapults are located in the level, ostensibly for cargo transport across the tower. There aren't too many long footholds on the exterior of the tower, and a fall is easily instant death. Some of the catapults have been converted into traps. Some merely push you back, other maliciously toss you into spikes. Thankfully, none are made to launch you into the abyss.

The Hexapyle takes you through a short cut in the tower that leads back outside the tower.