"You're not with Sumeragi are you? Then free us both!"
Lumen , Azure Striker Gunvolt [1]

Lumen (known as Morpho in Japan)[2] is a non-playable character and deuteragonist in Azure Striker Gunvolt. She is a projection of Joule's septimal power.

English Website Description Edit

Lumen is a pop star promoted by the media-owning Sumeragi Group, and is currently the most popular idol in the nation.

However, Lumen is but an avatar; a projection created by Joule’s Septimal power, which takes on an entire form of its own completely separate from Joule. Unlike Joule, she has a very strong personality and is very much a free spirit.

According to Lumen, however, this is just a manifestation of the person Joule truly wants to be.

Even though the Sumeragi Group is promoting her as a pop star, she is in fact being used to locate other adepts that resonate with her ever-powerful Muse ability. These Adepts are then found and captured by Sumeragi. [1]


Lumen has a long blonde hair with a single pink stripe near her butterfly-shaped hairband.

She has rather large wings, gleaming blue with a sea blue on it's borders and white details.

She has a white dress with a blue and purple stripes and  white triangle details at the end of her skirt.

Her appearance is based on what Joule would look like at 17 years of age, but since it’s heavily influenced by Joule’s own ideals and insecurities, it’s unclear whether she’d actually come to look like that or not.

Lumen's current appearance (her figure, outfit, etc.) has been the same for the past year or so.

Her outfit and appearance can be controlled to some extent by Joule/Lumen’s will.

Plot Role Edit

Exposition Edit

Prior to the events of the story, Lumen is used as the Sumeragi Group's media icon. On the surface, she is a virtual pop star for the entertainment of the public masses.

Unbeknownst to them, however, her Muse ability can track the locations of adepts throughout the world, and so the Sumeragi Group utilizes Lumen as a means of capturing and bringing under control the Adept population—a venture known as "Project Muse."

The resistance group QUILL thus initially intends to "deprogram" Lumen for the sake of the Adept population's freedom.

Encounter With Gunvolt Edit

The story opens with protagonist Gunvolt in an interrogation room, strapped to a chair and being tortured via electrocution by a Sumeragi officer.

The officer reveals that Gunvolt is a QUILL agent on a mission to "silence the Muse," or Lumen; he also inadvertently reveals that Lumen is on a freight train being shipped away to a Sumeragi-sanctioned safe zone. Gunvolt then unleashes a flash of electricity, undoing his bindings and displaying his inherent affinity for electricity.

He comments on the Sumeragi's officer's loose lips and thanks him for the electrical "recharge" before leaving the room and continuing his hunt for the Muse.

Gunvolt blasts his way to the end of the aforementioned freight train, only to discover that the hub of Project Muse is an adolescent girl strapped to a machine. Lumen then appears before Gunvolt as an apparition and reveals that she is a manifestation of the young girl's septimal powers.

Under the presumption that Gunvolt is not with Sumeragi, Lumen asks Gunvolt to free her vessel, Joule, from the Sumeragi Group—implying that she and Joule are kept imprisoned against their will and are forced to play out the Muse Project. Moved by their tragic situation, Gunvolt ultimately resigns from QUILL and decides to free Joule and Lumen. The three then escape the Sumeragi freight train and begin their journey.

Six months later, Gunvolt, Joule, and Lumen are living together in an apartment in the ghetto district, Sinner's Row. While he is no longer a member of QUILL, Gunvolt continues to take on QUILL missions as a mercenary to "pay the bills;" Joule and Lumen assist him in these such missions.

Orbital Space Station Firmament Edit

After Gunvolt has defeated six Sumeragi adepts, Sumeragi discovers Joule's location and sends a resurrected incarnation of their space master, Merak, to capture Joule and Lumen.

On the night of Gunvolt's return home from his most recent QUILL mission, Merak confronts Gunvolt and Joule inside their apartment. He then quickly captures Joule and flees towards Sumeragi's orbital space station, Firmament, at which place Sumeragi ultimately and forcibly reinstates Joule's role as the Muse.

Gunvolt fervently makes a long trek to the pinnacle of Firmament, encountering and battling resurrected Sumeragi adepts—whom Gunvolt had defeated previously—in all the meanwhile.

At the endmost room in Firmament, Gunvolt finds Joule strapped to a monstrous machine and, standing next to her, Sumeragi lieutenant and Project Muse executive—Nova. Nova boasts that the contraption before Gunvolt gives Sumeragi complete control over the Muse.

He then summons a silent Lumen to demonstrate such control. Lumen's appearance remains unchanged, but her behavior no longer shows signs of her former, "mischievous" self and is replaced by cold, programmatic responses to Nova's beck and call. Nova then engages Gunvolt in battle, with Lumen fighting alongside him. She periodically creates protective barriers around Nova throughout this fight.

Upon defeat, Nova dismisses Lumen and praises Sumeragi for creating such a powerful fighter in Gunvolt. He then summons three glaives and fuses with them as well as with Joule to unleash his full septimal abilities. He transforms into a colossal humanoid abomination and engages Gunvolt in battle once more—this time, in space.

After utterly defeating Nova, Gunvolt retrieves an unconscious Joule from Nova's crumbling body and battle arena. Lumen—broken from her robotic trance—creates a protective barrier around Gunvolt and her vessel so that they can safely descend to the space station. Lumen's apparition appears weak, and she admits to overexerting her septimal abilities. After pleading to Gunvolt to look after her vessel, she withdraws to dormancy.

Joule seemingly recovers posthaste and begins descending Firmament with Gunvolt. As the two are walking towards the space-to-Earth elevator, Babel, they encounter QUILL's leader, Asimov. Asimov expresses pride in the two young Adepts' endeavors in toppling Sumeragi.

He then says that they are ready to "rule in the age to come." Asimov continues to reveal his ultimate ideal in wiping the entire human race to usher an age ruled by Adepts. He had founded QUILL so that he could eventually attain this perceived utopia.

Gunvolt and Joule firmly refuse to help Asimov achieve his ideal, to which Asimov responds by pulling out a gun loaded with special, septima-neutralizing rounds. He quickly dispatches Gunvolt with a special round and Joule with a regular round.

Epilogue Edit

If Gunvolt completes Firmament (Idolatry) without wearing the Homemade Necklace for the majority of the stage, then the game ends after the cutscene following Nova's defeat.

Re-loading the save file triggers a brief dialogue featuring Lumen, Joule, and Gunvolt. Lumen and Joule discuss the parallels between reality and fantasy, implying that the events of the ending achieved in this way may have been imagined.

If Gunvolt completes Firmament (Idolatry) while wearing the Homemade Necklace for the majority of the stage, then the game continues into an extended, optional stage: Firmament (Azure).

After having her vessel shot to near-death at the hands of Asimov, Lumen completely merges minds with Joule. As Joule's body is sure to die, the Muse transfers herself to Gunvolt's mind and cures his nearly fatal wound, reviving him and augmenting his physical capabilities beyond normal capacity.

When Gunvolt recuperates, Asimov is already on his descent to Earth. The Muse and Gunvolt immediately track and confront him inside Babel's descent. Unimpressed by the miraculous revival of his comrade, Asimov affirms that he and the two adept youths are in great disagreement before revealing that he, like Gunvolt, is an Azure Striker. He then proceeds to fight Gunvolt and the Muse in a decisive battle that ultimately kills him.

Upon defeat, Asimov acknowledges his death but warns Gunvolt that, with the power that he has, he is doomed to live a life of endless fighting. He expresses regret for not instilling stronger revolutionist values in raising Gunvolt before falling silent.

Once the elevator reaches the Earth's surface, the doors open to Gunvolt's former QUILL comrades. Shocked and confused by the death of his commander, one of them demands an explanation as Gunvolt quietly steps out of the elevator.

The Muse deeply understands Gunvolt's sorrow and quickly silences the confused comrade. As Gunvolt and the Muse step out into the dawn of a new day, the Muse comments on how they can go anywhere. Gunvolt and the Muse walk into the distance, "swallowed by the uncertain light of the rising sun."

Skills Edit

While Lumen is never fought directly in-game, she can provide Gunvolt with the Anthem buff and can create protective barriers.

Anthem (ソングオブディーバ、Song of Diva): Lumen's special support skill. Whenever Gunvolt dies in-game, there is a small chance for Lumen to revive him back to full health and provide him with the Anthem buff, which gives him infinite EP. It also enables Prevasion, as well as unlimited Air Hops and Air Dashes regardless of whether his equipment offers these abilities. The stage's music is also overridden by "Reincarnation", with some exceptions.

  • Gunvolt can increase the probability of this event by talking to Joule on the stage select screen before embarking on a mission.
  • Anthem does not trigger when GV dies by falling down a pit.
  • Anthem's Prevasion can't protect against attacks that naturally bypass it, such as Carrera's Quasar Collapse.
  • Gunvolt always has a passive Anthem buff in Firmament (Azure).

Barrier: Lumen's support skill in her fight alongside Nova. Lumen creates a barrier around Nova at the start of the fight. If Gunvolt fires a dart at the barrier, the barrier absorbs the dart and sends a large purple needle towards Gunvolt's location.

  • Gunvolt can dissipate the barrier by keeping Lumen within the Flashfield's radius.
  • Lumen will recreate the barrier a couple seconds after it has been been dissipated by the Flashfield.

English Game Mentions Edit

Mission: Anthem Edit

  • His mission: silence the Muse and free the world from its trance. But the clear-cut lines around him have already started to blur... [3]

1st Sumeragi (Anthem), Opening Cutscene Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "...Hmph."
  • OFFICER: "Well, terrorist? Are you ready to admit it? Or shall I loosen your lips with another crack of the electroscourge? QUILL sent you here to destroy the Muse. To silence her... Am I right? Well, the Sumeragi group is smarter than you scum. We've already moved our little virtual canary to safety. In other've wasted your time. What do you think of that?"
  • GUNVOLT: "......"
  • OFFICER: "How old are you, boy? Did QUILL promise to pay you big vig for the job? A shame you won't ever hear the Muse's Anthem again—you'll never feel the ecstasy as her music laps at your auditory cortex... Truly a drug for the mind. Anyway...she's on a freight train out of here as we speak. And you, boy, will die in the silence."
  • GUNVOLT: "Man, your lips are way looser than mine..."
  • OFFICER: "Wha—?! You can still move? But that's impossible! The scourge pumped enough electricity into you to—"
  • GUNVOLT: "I -AM- electricity."
  • OFFICER: "This lightning... It's septimal power! Y-y-you're an adept?"
  • GUNVOLT: "Ding ding. Thanks for the whipping. I needed a good recharge."
  • OFFICER: "Azure light... You're Gunvolt...the Azure Striker!"
  • GUNVOLT: "Now, time to hunt down the Muse." [3]

1st Sumeragi (Anthem), Mission Outset Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "GV to Base. Open the line."
  • MONIQA: "We read you, Gunvolt. ...Nice to hear you're not dead."
  • GUNVOLT: "Not this time. Update the mission params. Sumeragi has moved the target. They put the Muse on a freight train out of the facility. I'm in pursuit."
  • MONIQA: "Negative. We should vet the Intel to make sure it's not a trap."
  • ASIMOV: "Judgment overruled. Gunvolt, you are clear to pursue. He can handle himself, Moniqa. Just keep scanning for changes."
  • MONIQA: "Yes, sir. Play nice out there, GV."
  • ASIMOV: "Zeno, are you patched in?"
  • ZENO: "Affirmative, boss man. I caught it all. Moving into support position. You know, in case Geeves actually decides to let me help. Right, Geeves?"
  • GUNVOLT: "I'll take it under advisement."
  • ZENO: "Advisement? Gee, thanks. I feel loved now."
  • ASIMOV: "All right, enough. You've got a Muse to deprogram. Asimov out." [3]

1st Sumeragi (Anthem) Mission Briefing Edit

  • ASIMOV: "Your target is the Muse, aka Lumen. Your orders are to destroy her code."
  • ZENO: "Wait, were assassinating a computer program? ...A -singing- computer program?"
  • ASIMOV: "QUILL has discovered the Muse's Anthem causes septimal resonation. They can use it to pinpoint any adept who hears it. The Anthem also causes illness in a small, but serious, number of cases."
  • MONIQA: "So the Muse is like sonar for Adepts?"
  • ASIMOV: "Essentially. We'll never be free until her code is destroyed. The server housing it can be found in the First Sumeragi building. Zeno and I will run interference while Gunvolt breaks in and does the hit."
  • GUNVOLT: "Yes, sir." [3]

Media Tower (Minaret) Mission Briefing Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "What am I up against, Asimov?"
  • ASIMOV: "You've heard of UTU Media Tower? Sumeragi used it to stream the Muse's Anthem. We need you to scale the tower exterior and subdue any guards and mechs. While their pants are down, I'll storm the building and meet you at the top. Right now, Utu is back to broadcasting Sumeragi's usual propagandist noise, but Joule will sleep better at night once the tower is silenced for good."
  • GUNVOLT: "Why Asimov...if I didn't know better, I'd say you cared."
  • ASIMOV: "I care about the threat that place poses to QUILL. ...Hope you're not afraid of heights." [3]

Cutscene After Clearing Sinner's Row (Kaleidoscope) Edit

  • NARRATOR: "Meanwhile, on Sumeragi's orbital station, 'Firmament'..."
  • SOLDIER: "Master Nova! Zonda's Hunters have been decimated, sir."
  • NOVA: "What? It grieves me to hear that...deeply. Will QUILL never stop?"
  • SOLDIER: "This wasn't QUILL, sir. According to the survivors, Zonda was done in by a boy in white armor with red trim."
  • NOVA: "White armor... with a cross? That's Dr. Kamizono's—Hmm..."
  • SOLDIER: "You know him?"
  • NOVA: "He's a small thing that knows how to make big messes. But he's alone, and he has no septima. Leave him be. He'll burn up in the wake of his own vengeance soon enough."
  • SOLDIER: "But sir... he took down Zonda. -The- Zonda."
  • NOVA: "Nature's full of surprises. You don't need to be an adept to have a gift. If we're lucky, he and QUILL will destroy each other and save us some work. Now, when are you going to deliver Lumen to me? We need her back. The venture cannot proceed without our shining star.
  • SOLDIER: "Understood, sir." [3]

Cutscene After Defeating Six Sumeragi Adepts Edit

  • NARRATOR: "Sumeragi's orbital station, 'Firmament'..."
  • SOLDIER: "Master Nova, we know where she is."
  • NOVA: "Really? You found the Muse? Wonderful! We'll need to extend her a warm welcome... Is our good friend back on his feet yet? He should be the one."
  • SOLDIER: "I'll ready a unit for him, sir."
  • NOVA: "It's about time this Venture of ours got back on track. I was -almost- starting to worry we'd built this place for nothing." [3]

Cutscene Prior to Unlocking Urban Run (Hostage) Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "Joule! I'm home. (She was waiting for me when I got back from the mission.)"
  • JOULE: "Hey! How was your day?"
  • MERAK: "Ugh. I hate house calls. ...Comin' through!"
  • JOULE: "Huh?!"
  • GUNVOLT: "(A languid, sinister voice cut through the room. A rift appeared, and through it stepped a ghost. It was Merak!) You're dead. This isn't possible!"
  • MERAK: "You want me to -explain-? Oh, come on. Sooo not doin' it. Sorry. Anyway, this little piggie is Lumen, right? Time to cry wee wee wee all the way home. Boss' orders."
  • JOULE: "Agh! Let me go!"
  • MERAK: "Ugh... When this is over, I am gonna sleep for, like, three days, I swear."
  • GUNVOLT: "Hey! Get back here!" [3]

Urban Run (Hostage), Mission End Edit

  • NOVA: "You know, I really wish you'd stop trashing all our company hardware."
  • GUNVOLT: "(An unfamiliar voice is issued from my communicator.) Who is this?"
  • NOVA: "Oh good. I have the right frequency. What a pleasure it is to finally speak with you, Gunvolt. My name is Nova—commander of a bunch of recently deceased Adepts. That was very nice of you to keep my beloved Muse out of harm's way. And in five-star accommodations, no less! How can I ever repay you? Cash? Credit? Contraband?"
  • GUNVOLT: "Can it! Give her back right now!"
  • NOVA: "I'm afraid I can't do that. Lumen has a vital role to play in our venture."
  • GUNVOLT: "What 'venture'?"
  • NOVA: "I have big plans for her. With Project Muse, Sumeragi can finally administrate all the world's Adepts at once."
  • GUNVOLT: "'Administrate'? If that's just a fancy word for what I think it is— (All of this had started because Sumeragi was using Lumen against us. Her Anthem was causing the septima within every Adept to resonate. Which, in turn, made us dangerously easy to track. If amplified, who knows what the song could do? ...Maybe even brainwash us.)"
  • NOVA: "People need a compass—whether it's religion, education, the media... For adepts, that compass is Sumeragi. We keep you from destroying yourselves. The world is better off with us. Not that I expect a terrorist to understand. But as long as I have the Muse, and you have two ears, you belong to me anyway."
  • GUNVOLT: "The hell I do! (But the line had fallen silent.) Dammit... Joule!" [3]

Cutscene After Clearing Urban Run (Hostage) Edit

  • ZENO: "That jerk thinks he can gack with us and get away with it? Grr..."
  • ASIMOV: "Take it easy, Zeno. I've got new Intel from our operatives. Joule has been taken to Sumeragi's orbital station, aka "Firmament". From there, Lumen's song will be broadcast across the globe. That -has- to be their endgame. And we need to stop it before it happens."
  • GUNVOLT: "I'll take the mission, Asimov. This one's personal."
  • MONIQA: "To reach Firmament, we'll have to use 'Babel'—Sumeragi's space elevator. We need a way to seize control of it."
  • ZENO: "Me and Asimov will take care of that. Right, boss?"
  • ASIMOV: "Right. Gunvolt, you hit the control facility head-on to draw Sumeragi's fire. If anyone can take the heat, it's you."
  • GUNVOLT: "Thanks... I know you're not doing it for me, but...thank you."
  • ASIMOV: "All right, 'black sheep'. Let's go to pasture." [3]

Eridu (Streak), Mission Briefing Edit

  • ASIMOV: "Let's review, Gunvolt. You hit the island head-on and draw Sumeragi's fire. While they're occupied, we'll sneak in and hack the controls for Babel. Once we command the space elevator, we can send you up to the orbital station. The mission designation will be 'Operation Musak'."
  • ZENO: "Ha! Nice one. Funny how we're rescuing the girl we tried to kill less than a year ago..."
  • ASIMOV: "The params have changed. And Gunvolt needs to finish what he started." [3]

Mission: Streak Edit

  • His mission: set the Muse free. Gunvolt races towards the spacebound spire, heedless of the dangers that lie ahead... [3]

Mission: Idolatry Edit

  • Gunvolt confronts Firmament's master: the mighty Nova, who has seized the Muse's power in the name of his unshakable beliefs... [3]

Firmament (Idolatry), After Defeating Nova's Final Form Edit

  • NOVA: What have you...done...? Our system was the world's only hope... Agh... Without the Muse to guide them, adepts will lose their way... They'll burn this world right to the ground..."
  • GUNVOLT: "...... Wait. Joule!" [3]

Mission: Azure Edit

  • The Azure Striker awakens with a new compass. A mournful anger conducts him

onward, as the Muse's anthem continues inside his heart... [3]

English Game Dialogue Edit

1st Sumeragi (Anthem), Mission End Edit

  • GUNVOLT: This is the last car. Sumeragi must've hid the Muse program here... ...What the gack!? Where's the server? Are you telling me that...? No. No way!"
  • JOULE: "Wh-who are... you? Are you... new here? You don't look... like a scientist..."
  • GUNVOLT: "She's talking to me telepathically... Is she an adept like me?"
  • LUMEN: "My name is Lumen. They call me the Muse. But I'm just a projection. A manifestation of this girl's septimal power. You're not with Sumeragi are you? Then free her. Free us both!"
  • GUNVOLT: "......Moniqa, do you read? Update the mission params. I've engaged the target... But the Muse isn't a program at all. She's a human girl. An adept."
  • MONIQA: "What?!"
  • GUNVOLT: "She's not hostile. Sumeragi has been holding her against her will."
  • ZENO: "That sounds like their style for sure."
  • GUNVOLT: "New objective: I'm gonna extract the girl and—"
  • ASIMOV: "Negative. Your objective stands. Eliminate her."
  • GUNVOLT: "Asimov! She's just a kid!"
  • ASIMOV: "And so are you. Doesn't matter. She's still a threat. There's no way to help her, anyway. How will you get her past the reinforcements closing in on you? Where will she live? With us? Surrounded by guns?"
  • GUNVOLT: "You don't—it's not that simple!"
  • JOULE: "It's okay... I'd rather die than stay here. I'm tired of Sumeragi using my Anthem to hurt people. I deserve to be silenced. Do it... Please."
  • GUNVOLT: "(I won't. When Asimov pulled me out of that hellhole...I thought I deserved to die, too... But he gave me a purpose.) ...Look, don't give up! You're alive for a reason! And if you need someone to help you find it, I'll be your compass. Pretend you can have anything you want. What would you wish for?"
  • JOULE: "Anything? Well... I want to be free. I want to stand at the top of the world and see it all!"
  • GUNVOLT: "The top of the world... All right. Then that's where I'll take you. ......Hey, Asimov? I'm done. I've decided to leave QUILL. You pulled me out of a bad place and made something out of me. I won't forget that. But now I want to do the same for this girl. I want to give her a chance."
  • ASIMOV: "What chance? You can't free her until we free the world."
  • GUNVOLT: "That's your opinion."
  • ASIMOV: "Fine. We don't run a democracy here. QUILL has no room for dissenters. You're off the roster. So long, Gunvolt."
  • MONIQA: "What?! Oh, come on! Both of you!"
  • ZENO: "Yeah! What's with all the drama?"
  • GUNVOLT: "No drama. I've just gotta do this. Moniqa, Zeno—I'm gonna miss you."
  • ASIMOV "Take the girl and go. QUILL will hold off the reinforcements. ...Good luck, kid."
  • GUNVOLT: "You too, Asimov."
  • JOULE: "They're like feathers... Are you an angel?"
  • GUNVOLT: "Definitely not. ...The name's Gunvolt. What's yours?"
  • JOULE: "I'm Joule. (Sparks rose from him like azure feathers. For a moment, I really thought he had wings. I'll never forget that day we met—my first taste of a freedom that couldn't last...)" [3]

Cutscene After Clearing 1st Sumeragi (Anthem) Edit

  • ...
  • JOULE: "Gunvolt! You're home. How'd work go? I wish you'd let me help you out for a change."
  • GUNVOLT: "Are you sure you're not already? It's weird... I almost got killed on tonight's mission. But when I went down...memories of this room flashed through my mind...and I heard your Anthem. It gave me the strength to keep fighting."
  • JOULE: "Really?"
  • GUNVOLT: "(Out of nowhere, Lumen appeared.)"
  • LUMEN: "Why do you think Sumeragi wants us? When I sing, the dead get up and dance, bro. You're lucky to have us."
  • GUNVOLT: "(The Muse always had a way of photo-bombing the moment. Joule wasn't in full control of her septima yet. Which meant Lumen had her own personality. It boggled me that she even came out of Joule's brain.)"
  • JOULE: "No one asked you, Lumen. Go away."
  • LUMEN: "Yeah, yeah. See you soon, hottie. Next time, don't wear a shirt.*"
  • JOULE: "*cough* I swear I don't know her. Anyway...have you been keeping track of your progress?"
  • ... [3]

Firmament (Idolatry), Prior to Fighting Nova Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "Joule..."
  • NOVA: "Well, here we are."
  • GUNVOLT: "(It was him. How could I forget that voice?) Nova."
  • NOVA: "I see I left an impression."
  • GUNVOLT: "(But my eyes were locked on the monstrosity between us.)"
  • NOVA: "You like it? This machine gives me full septimal control over the Muse. You should ask Copen all about it. I assume you ran into him on the way up? His father laid the groundwork for all our adept research. He built this machine. In fact, it's safe to say Sumeragi would have been nothing without him. A shame the dice rolled how they did..."
  • GUNVOLT: "That's nice. If you're done spewing your horsejitt, let Joule go."
  • NOVA: "Not very civil at all, are you? Maybe you need a little demonstration."
  • GUNVOLT: "(Behind him, Lumen appeared. But something was wrong...)"
  • Lumen: "......"
  • GUNVOLT: "(Her eyes had none of their usual mischief. She was like a robot. She looked as cold and calculating as the computer program QUILL once mistook her for.) What did you do?"
  • NOVA: "Like I said, this machine puts me in control of her septima. She sings for me now. I mean, no offense, but you've basically already lost. Shall we?" [3]

Firmament (Idolatry), After Defeating Nova's Final Form Edit

  • LUMEN: "Did we... make it?"
  • GUNVOLT: "Lumen... Yeah, thanks to you."
  • LUMEN: "Sweet, bro... Agh! I think I...mighta used too much power... No matter what happens to me...promise you'll get her out of here..."
  • GUNVOLT: "...I promise." [3]

Cutscene After Receiving Normal Ending Edit

  • JOULE: "Gunvolt! You're home. How'd the job go?"
  • GUNVOLT: "Huh? Joule?! But we both—I must be dreaming."
  • LUMEN: "Maybe you are now. Maybe you were before."
  • JOULE: "But whether you've walked into a dream..."
  • LUMEN: "Or out of some terrible phantasmagoria..."
  • JOULE: "You'll never know, will you?"
  • LUMEN: "Seriously, bro. We've all got one foot in fantasy and one in reality."
  • JOULE: "If you don't know where you are, all you can do is keep going."
  • LUMEN: "There's no sidestepping fate—real or imagined."
  • JOULE: "But you can walk toward it armed with hope."
  • LUMEN: "Maybe you've already found a little of it..."
  • JOULE: "Or maybe you haven't. But if you ever do think you've found a little hope, I hope you'll share it with me." [3]

Cutscene Prior to Firmament (Azure) Edit

  • MUSE: "G...Gunvolt?"
  • MUSE: "(How do I describe what happened next? Asimov had shot Gunvolt, then me... I should have been dead...but I felt more alive than ever. An ocean of electrons and sound washed over me. I was one with everything... It wasn't until later that I understood.)"
  • MUSE: "What happened to me? My body..."
  • MUSE: "(The Muse was an extension of my septimal energy. Asimov hadn't bothered to use Copen's suppressor on me. So when he shot me, my septima did the logical thing—it escaped.)"
  • MUSE: "Gunvolt? Where are you...?"
  • MUSE: "(My mind and Lumen's had become one. As I searched for Gunvolt, I realized just how powerful my Muse really was. The whole world was a sea of electrons and sound, unclouded by human touch.)"
  • MUSE: "...There! He's still alive!"
  • MUSE: "(But only barely. A slender thread held him to this world. How did he survive that gunshot? I swam closer... deeper... I ran invisible fingers over his body, and found the wound. A grotesque mess of metal had clawed into his skin.)"
  • MUSE: "Wait. This is..."
  • MUSE: "(Wrapped around the bullet like a tiny glove... was a broken pendant. It was from the necklace I had made for him... He had chosen my gift over his QUILL-issued gear—even though it gave him no tactical advantage. And it had saved his life. In that moment, I realized... This boy who had come to save me was just as fragile as I was. He didn't fight for me because I needed him. It was him who needed me.)"
  • MUSE: "I have to hurry..."
  • MUSE: "(He was still dying. The pendant had stopped the bullet from reaching his heart, but without treatment, he would bleed to death.)"
  • MUSE: "...There's a way."
  • MUSE: "(My septima had been cut loose. Without a body, I would die too. There was only one place left for me to go. And I wanted to be there. I wrapped my ethereal arms around him and waited for him to respond.)"
  • MUSE: "I'm part of you now. And you can be a part of me."
  • MUSE: "(A moment later, I was flooding into his biocurrent. And we saw each other for the first time.)"
  • MUSE: "We made it, Gunvolt. We're at the top of the world. Now it's my turn to be your compass." [3]

Firmament (Azure), Mission Outset Edit

  • GUNVOLT: "......I'm alive? Oh my God. No... JOUUUUUULE!!!"
  • MUSE: "Don't cry."
  • GUNVOLT: "(A voice echoed through my head.) Lumen? No... (It sounded like Lumen at first, but this was...) Joule... Where are you?"
  • MUSE: "Close. I'll never be apart from you again."
  • GUNVOLT: "(Her memories poured into me, and I really saw her for the first time. My whole body surged with septimal power—more than I'd ever known. What had she done to save me? In my arms, her body grew light... and then it wasn't there at all.)"
  • MUSE: "I'll always be with you. I'll be right here to keep you safe."
  • GUNVOLT: "Joule, please... (But the voice in my head cut me off with a whisper.)"
  • MUSE: "Dry your eyes, Gunvolt. Think about what you need to do."
  • GUNVOLT: "Asimov... (He was going to kill a lot of people. I had to stop him! Too many people had gotten hurt already!)"
  • MUSE: "Are you ready? Then let my Anthem guide you!" [3]

Firmament (Azure), Prior to Fighting Asimov Edit

  • ASIMOV: "You're still alive? ...Neat trick."
  • GUNVOLT: "I can't let you do this, Asimov."
  • MUSE: "-We- won't let you."
  • ASIMOV: " that's what happened to her. What a waste, Gunvolt. You were supposed to lead us in the new era. With power like that—!"
  • GUNVOLT: "Well, maybe you should've asked me first."
  • ASIMOV: "I took a wrong turn with you somewhere... I'm sorry for that. But you've made your position clear. I'm on one side of this line... and you're on the other! You see, you're not the only Azure Striker. You were just the strongest...until now." [3]

True Ending Edit

  • ZENO: "Hey, Geeves, you're—...what..."
  • MONIQA: "Oh my God! No!"
  • ZENO: "Asimov? Boss man!! ...Is he dead?"
  • GUNVOLT: "......"
  • NARRATOR: "(Moniqa looked to Gunvolt for a denial—some sign things would be okay. But Gunvolt said nothing. His eyes were as cold as Asimov's.)"
  • MONIQA: "No—no, he can't—Asimov..."
  • NARRATOR: "(Tears streamed down her cheeks as she crumpled to the floor. Without another look, Gunvolt started to move toward the door.)"
  • ZENO: "Hey! Geeves! What gives? Where's Joule? You think you can walk out of here without telling us what the gack is going on?"
  • MUSE: "Don't touch him!"
  • ZENO: "Whuh?!"
  • NARRATOR: "(An invisible force knocked Zeno's hand away. The battle had left Gunvolt wounded, heartbroken, alone. His aegis, Joule, was the only strong part of him left. As the night drew to a close...the last Azure Striker was as quiet and unreadable as a desert. Zeno watched him go. Again, Gunvolt's Muse spoke to him.)"
  • MUSE: "We can go anywhere, you know. It's just us now."
  • GUNVOLT: "All I want........."
  • NARRATOR: "(Zeno strained to hear what he said, but Gunvolt was out of earshot. Helplessly, he stood there as his friend vanished into the distance... ...And was swallowed by the uncertain light of the rising sun.)" [3]

Japanese version Edit

"Please... Can you take this girl... Take me away from here?"

MorphoJapanese Official Site

References Edit

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