"I think it's time for me to see some action!"
Lola , Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Combat Pod "Lola", often shortened to just Lola, also known as Battle Pot Roro (ロロ Roro ) in Japan, is a multi-purpose AI developed and built by Copen and one of the deuteragonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. A chippy, energetic personality, she works as Copen's constant partner in the field, supplying him with his EX Weapons. She also briefly gains the power of The Muse.


Lola is an Autonomous Combat Pod (ACP) designed to regulate the control of Copen’s personal array of combat drones, also known as bits.

Because of this, she thinks of herself as kind of Copen’s official guardian, for better or for worse. During her AI development period, she would often serve as a conversational partner for Copen’s little sister. Through this, she picked up the habit of referring to Copen as “Boss.”

At a certain point in the story, she gains the abilities of The Muse, just like Joule.


Lola has the appearance of a young girl with short, mint green hair, and purple eyes. She wears a red and white swimsuit-like clothing with bits of gold, and white leggings with black and red shoes, as well as black gloves with red fingers.

She also has two white and red disc-like objects know as "Speaker Pods" that broadcast songs at her hips, which also sprout red wing-like holograms, which vaguely resemble phoenix wings.


Compared to her no-nonsense, serious partner, Lola is a far more eager and colourful, often quite loud and energetic unlike a typical robot. She doesn't like waiting on the sidelines, and enjoys taking part in the action, frequently cheering Copen on during his missions. She also has quite the short temper, instantly lashing out at Asroc for calling her a "pet".

Lola is also quite close to Copen, her time spend with Mytyl making her act almost like a guardian angel to her creator. She also appears noticeably flustered and flattered whenever Copen is protective of her.

Plot Role Edit

Development on Lola began sometime during or prior to Azure Striker Gunvolt. Her AI was developed through extensive conversation with Mytyl, resulting in her seeing herself as Copen's guardian of sorts.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Edit

Screams of the City Edit

After Copen fights his way through some robots to try and board the Seraph, Lola fully activates, Bits and Flashfield at the ready.

She also questions who exactly Zonda is after "he" shows up alive.

Fire, Heartblazer! Edit

When the malfunctioning Seraph begins to crash towards the city, Lola redlines her A.S. Drive and Bits to fire the Heartblazer cannon, destroying its engines and allowing Gunvolt to safely land the ship.

Operation Podpocket Edit

After GV and Tenjian fight, Lola sneaks up to Tenjian and snatches one of his mirror shards.

With Mytyl in tow, she and Copen return home.

Ignite the Anthem Edit

Lola absorbs the mirror shard to try and analyze it, but she can't get any results other than "it contains Septimal power."

When she goes to talk with Mytyl, she starts to feel a burning sensation before she suddenly materializes her fairy mode, much to everyone's surprise.

Later use and practice allows her to sing the Anthem to assist Copen, albeit with reduced effects due to his lack of Septima.

Into the Garden Edit

Lola's plot relevance doesn't particularly resurface until the end of Garden 3, where Zonda steals all of Lola's shards.

Lola has a backup to keep her AI and EX Weapons running, but her Anthem and Fairy Mode are disabled for the fights with Zonda and GV (because she no longer has the mirror shards that allowed her to do so).

Hijacked by Anthem Edit

During GV and Copen's fighting, a mysterious force takes control over Lola's conscious, forcibly materializing her fairy form.

She sings her Anthem alongside Mytyl and Joule, empowering GV and Copen until one of them finally falls.

Following the Avenger Edit

After Mytyl's recovery and subsequent amnesia discovery, Copen disowns himself as a Kamizono prepares to depart from his home. Lola follows along, ever the loyal sidekick.

Abilities Edit

As a combat-support unit, Lola controls the bits that surround Copen. She can send them flying around for Copen's Shred Storm, activate any special weapons Copen has acquired from adepts, heal wounds, or activate the Flashfield.

Lola is also able to redline her A.S. Drive in tandem with the bits to fire a beam cannon called "Heartblazer". This laser is powerful enough to destroy the engines of the airship Seraph, but is not usable in actual gameplay.

After a certain point in the game, Lola is given the power of Anthem. Whenever Copen is defeated, there is a chance that she can resurrect him at full health.

Copen will automatically and permanently activate any OD subs he has equipped in exchange for the ability to rack up Kudos, and the stage music is overridden by the song Igniter.


  • In the Japan exclusive drama CD Clockwork Daydream, "Roro" uses her English name, "Lola" as a alias, making it the first time a character's English name has been used within a Japanese product.

Japanese Version Edit

"Isn't it about time for me to get some action?"

RoRoJapanese Official Site

References Edit

Official English site

Official Japanese site

Official japanese tweet regarding Lola

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