Lazy Kingdom

Lazy Kingdom is a soundtrack made by Inti Creates for Azure Striker Gunvolt. It's one of many drama CDs released for the series, with other Gunvolt 1-specific ones being Admiration to Peace and Justice Rage.

Like those two, Lazy Kingdom is mostly a set of drama audios, focusing on Sumeragi members Merak and Elise. It also has several tracks from the soundtrack of the Steam version of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

This CD is currently not available outside of Japan, although a rough fan translation does exist.


1. Theme Of September Record: The main song for Sumeragi's MMORPG September Record. It is not a Lumen song.

2. Beginning: Tired from another day, Elise decides to play (Septem)Ber Rec(ord). She gets a strange message in-game, promoting a "secret event" to "bring out [her] character's inner self"...

3. Rumors: Tired from another day, Merak decides to lurk the internet. Then he finds a rumor about Player Killer incidents involving a strange character who can cause petrification and can come back from death...

4. Contact: Merak goes questing with Elise in Ber Record while secretly trying to find the Player Killer. Then one of Lumen's concerts starts in-game, but is interrupted by a scream from the forest...

5. Interlude: Having fought the Player Killer, Merak takes a moment to analyze the killer's data while taking a break.

6. Decisive Battle: Returning to Ber Rec, Merak parties with Elise again. Revealing the effects of Lumen's songs and the true purpose of Ber Rec, the Player Killer unveils her fangs...

7. The End, and...: After fighting with Elise for a time in Ber Rec, Merak wormholes into her room. There, he activates the strongest weapon he had planned...!

8. Melody 1: A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of the intro stage's second half, the mid-boss theme, and the Path to Firmament.

9. Melody 2: A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of Firmament (Azure)'s intro and Joule's theme.

10. Melody 3: A medley track made using remixes of ASG1 music. Contains a mix of Sinner's Row and Copen's boss theme.

11. Holy Night: The intro jingle when playing a stage on Christmas Mode in the Steam version. It's only 10 seconds long.

12. Snow in Night Skies: The theme for the Steam version's Christmas Mode. It's a remix of the 2nd half of the intro stage.


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