"Gunvolt confronts Firmament's master: the mighty Nova, who has seized the Muse's power in the name of his unshakeable beliefs..." - Flavor Text (Idolatry)

"The Azure Striker awakens with a new compass. A mournful anger conducts him onward, as the Muse's anthem continues inside his heart..." - Flavor Text (Azure)

Firmament (Heaven's Floating Bridge in Japan) is the final stage in Azure Striker Gunvolt codenamed "Idolatry". It is Sumeragi's orbital station, where Nova has taken Joule and the Muse. Gunvolt's objective: Defeat Nova and free the Muse.

Firmament (Azure) is the final final stage of Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Azure". It is only accessible by beating Idolatry with the Handmade Pendant equipped, and proceeds towards the True Ending of the game. Having fused with Joule's spirit and power, Gunvolt goes to finish his struggle...

Briefing Edit

Idolatry Edit

Moniqa: Gunvolt's completely off the grid now... Do you think he's up there somewhere? I hope he made it to Firmament...

Zeno: Aw, you know him. He'll be back with Joule and that bad haircut before you can say "Azure Striker."

Moniqa: Yeah, you're right... (Asimov, if you're up there too...) (Keep them safe.)

Stage composition Edit

Idolatry Edit

The path is littered with Assassins, and even contains a fall through a path of spikes and hazards. Aside from that, only one gauntlet room of almost all Trooper types stands between you and Nova. The second area doesn't even have anything, merely a straight cut to Nova's chamber.

Azure Edit

This level is essentially Idolatry in reverse, going from the path to Nova's chamber all the way back to the orbital elevator. You must still deal with Sumeragi Assassins, and Carrera shows up as a late arrival. However, you have a permanent Anthem buff for the entire stage, so everything up to the end is trivial at best to deal with. At the end of it all is Asimov, your final adversary.