Information Edit

Gunvolt is capable of using a variety of equipment throughout his missions, which gives him various abilities. Equipment is split between Weapons, Contact Lenses, Rings, Special Gear, and Pendants. Each one has various conditions for acquisition.

In the second game, equipment now comes with an experience and level system. Wearing equipment through a mission boosts the experience level until it levels up. Leveling equipment comes with various benefits, such as boosting effects or making Prevasion and Air Dashes/Hops cheaper.

Weapons Edit

Weapons directly affect the damage caused by Gunvolt and his maximum tags.

Cerberus - Standard bullet. Can fire up to 3 bullets at a time and can have up to 3 tags. Hold to auto-fire.

Naga - Acquire by defeating one of six main bosses. Cannot auto-fire, but can be charged to pierce objects and shields. Can have up to 5 tags.

Mizuchi - Obtained after defeating three main bosses. A reticule appears in front of GV that can be pointed in 5 directions using controller inputs, allowing the redirection of bolts. Charging moves the reticule further outwards, allowing for trick shots. Can hold only 1 tag.

Technos - Obtained after defeating 4 main bosses. Fires two bullets diagonally up and down. The bullets can travel along the floor and ceiling. Allows auto-fire. Can hold up to 2 tags.

Orochi - Obtained after defeating all main bosses. When fired, deploys an aerial drone to fire 7 shots in a sweeping motion. Direction depends on where you fire. Can hold up to 8 tags.

Vasuki - Obtained after defeating the final boss. When the shot hits, it pauses before homing in on another target. Can hold up to 4 tags.

Dullahan - Obtained after getting the True Ending and beating all Challenge stages. An auto-fire weapon that cannot tag, but fires extremely powerful bullets.

Trivia Edit

Gunvolt's bullets are mostly named after mythological creatures:

  • Cerberus - A three-headed dog that guards the gates to the Greek Underworld.
  • Naga - A serpent deity of Hindu and Buddhist origins.
  • Mizuchi - A serpentine Japanese water dragon.
  • Technos - Not actually named after a mythological creature. Named after the Techno Twins, a British electronic music duo from the 80s.
  • Orochi - An eight-headed serpent of Japanese myth.
  • Vasuki - The king of nagas in Hindu and Buddhist myth.
  • Dullahan - A headless fae of Scottish origins, said to be a harbinger of death.

Contact Lenses Edit

Gunvolt can wear up to two contacts at once. Wearing two of the same kind will double the effect. Lenses also have "+" versions with stronger effects.

Osmotic Eye(+) - Health pickups heal more.

Reviberoptic(+) - You gradually heal HP if you stand still.

Flash Focus(+) - Passively reduces EP cost of Flashfield.

Midas Optic(+) - Earn more money, but take more damage.

Attuned Optic(+) - Earn more EXP, but take more damage.

Vigor Lens(+) - Restores SP faster.

Recharge Lens(+) - Regain EP faster, but your Kudos at any point in a level are capped at 1200.

Cooldown Lens(+) - Recover from Overheat faster, but your Kudos at any point in a level are capped at 1200.

Dialation Reticle(+) - Your Flashfield does more contact damage, but your tags are weaker (Tag damage halved with Plus-version).

Dynamo Eye(+) - Max EP +120 (+150).

Naga Sight(+) - Charge for Naga bolts faster.

Cerberus Sight(+) - +1(2) tag(s) when using Cerberus bullets.

Arrester Lens(+) - 20% (30%) chance to recover a small amount of EP when you Overheat.

Adrenaline Lens(+) - 15% (25%) chance to use a skill without consuming SP.

Recirculator Lens(+) - 15% (20%) chance Prevasion will not consume EP.

Optical advantage(+) - 2% (4%) chance that you start an area with 1000 Kudos.

ASG2 unique Lenses/modifications Edit

This is a list for lenses exclusive to ASG2/any modifications made to existing lenses.

Cooldown Lens - Still reduces Overheat recovery time, but no longer caps Kudos.

Recharge Lens - Still increases EP recovery rate, but no longer caps Kudos.

Vigor Lens - Increases SP regen, but now caps Kudos at 1200.

Seer Spec - Cheaper Prevasion.

Sky Sight - Reduces EP cost for Air Hops and Air Dashes.

Life Loupe - 5% of money obtained is converted to HP.

Wrathful Eye - Increases both Flashfield's power and its EP cost.

Lover's Lens - Flashfield is stronger while Kudos exceed 1000.

Admirer's Eye - Skills are stronger while Kudos exceed 1000.

Sweeper's Lens - Basic bolts deal more damage.

Latency Lens - Bolts become stronger while GV is in Overheat.

Feral Focus - Flashfield's power increases when HP is <20%, but Kudos capped at 1200.

Dialation Reticle - Flashfield's contact damage is stronger, but now you take more damage.

Avoidance Array - Unlocked by beating the story. Removes all checkpoints.

Rings Edit

Gunvolt can only wear one ring. They allow up to a certain number of Air Dashes or Air Hops with varying EP consumption dependent on equipment. Upgraded versions reduce EP consumption

Boost Band(+) - One Hop, 150 EP (60)

Duple Boost Band(+) - Two Hops, 100 EP (70)

Triple Boost Band(+) - Three Hops, 100 EP (80)

Skytether Band(+) - Infinite Hops, 100 EP (90)

Traction Ring(+) - One Dash, 120 EP (60)

Duple Traction Ring(+) - Two Dashes, 100 EP (70)

Full Traction Ring(+) - Infinite Dashes, 100 EP (80)

Ambi Annulus(+) - One Hop, one Dash, 90 EP each (60)

Blue Streak Band(+) - Infinite Hops and Dashes, but extends Overheat. 90 EP (80).

ASG2 unique Rings/modifications Edit

This is a list for rings exclusive to ASG2/any modifications made to existing rings.

Levitation Band - Your Flashfield now freezes your descent, but uses more EP.

Shovel Ring - Unlock by activating and defeating Shovel Knight. Allows one Air Hop and one Air Dash for 0 EP each.

Pendants Edit

Gunvolt can only wear one pendant. Most are passive and secretly provide Prevasion.

Geist Locket - Prevasion is cheaper, but actual hits are more damaging. Allows Prevasion.

Solid Medallion - Prevents knockback. Allows Prevasion.

Shield Medallion - Damage reduction. Allows Prevasion.

Overflash Pendant - Flashfield is stronger, but uses more EP. Allows Prevasion.

Chargeguard Pendant - Gunvolt is temporarily invincible when quick-charging. Allows Prevasion.

Barrier Locket - Reduces damage taken while Flashfield is active. Allows Prevasion.

Solid Geist Locket - Reduces Prevasion cost and negates knockback. Allows Prevasion.

Lethal Lavaliere - Prevasion disabled and spikes become instant death, but earn Kudos 10% faster.

Geist Locket+ - Cheaper Prevasion, higher damage. Allows Prevasion.

Solid Medallion+ - No knockback, slight damage reduction. Allows Prevasion.

Shield Medallion+ - Halves damage. Allows Prevasion.

Overflash Pendant+ - Further increases Flashfield damage and EP consumption. Allows Prevasion.

Chargeguard Pendant+ - Gunvolt is invincible while quick-charging. Allows Prevasion.

Barrier Locket+ - Halves damage while Flashfield is active. Allows Prevasion.

Solid Geist Locket+ - Cheaper Prevasion, no knockback. Allows Prevasion.

Lethal Lavaliere+ - No Prevasion, death spikes, but 20% boost to Kudos gain.

ASG2 unique Pendants/modifications Edit

This is a list for pendants exclusive to ASG2/modifications made to any existing pendants

Muse's Pendant(+) - Starter pendant. Allows Prevasion for 120 EP (110).

  • This pendant was the Broken Pendant from the first game, repaired and imbued with Prevasion.

Stalwart Medal - take less damage when Overheated. Allows Prevasion.

Solid Geist Locket - now provides damage reduction alongside normal effects.

Awakening Pendant - negates minor damage when your Kudos exceed 1000

Omega Pendant - Good news, get 1.8x Kudos. Bad news, no Prevasion and your HP is 1.

Sealing Pendant - Complete Story to unlock. Disables Joule's singing when you hit 1000+ Kudos. Also disables Anthem.

Memento Pendant - Unlocked via ASG1 save bonus. Joule's protection becomes stronger (Anthem more likely to activate), but HP capped at 200 and Prevasion disabled.

Joule Audiolocket 1 - Unlock by earning/banking 3000 Kudos in the intro stage. Contains an audio recording of Indigo Destiny.

Joule Audiolocket 2 - Unlock by Banking 3000 Kudos in the Mysterious Manor. Contains an audio recording of Vast Circle.

Joule Audiolocket 3 - Unlock by Banking 3000 Kudos in the Sewers. Contains an audio recording of Multi-Universe

Joule Audiolocket 4 - Unlock by Banking 3000 Kudos in the Data Facility. Contains an audio recording of lolite.

Joule Audiolocket 5 - Unlock by Banking 3000 Kudos in the Frozen City. Contains an audio recording of "A Flash of Azure".

  • Note: please see note under Special Gear for Audiolocket restrictions.

Special Gear Edit

QUILL Signet - Starter ring. Recover from Overheat faster. Cannot be Synthesized.

Prevasion Chain - Starter Pendant. Allows Prevasion. Cannot be Synthesized.

Handmade Pendant - Acquired by obtaining the 7 jewels and giving them to Joule. Talk to her again and she will give it to you. Has no abilities, but must be worn through the final level to obtain the True Ending.

Broken Pendant - The Handmade Pendant becomes this after beating Firmament (Idolatry) and (Azure) while equipped. Max HP becomes 200, does not have Prevasion.

Lumen Audiolocket 1 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the intro level. Stage Music becomes "Beyond the Blue".

Lumen Audiolocket 2 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Subaquatic Base. Stage Music becomes "Nebulous Clock".

Lumen Audiolocket 3 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Media Tower. Stage Music becomes "Azure Door".

Lumen Audiolocket 4 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Biochem Plant. Stage Music becomes "Pain from the Past".

Lumen Audiolocket 5 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Datastore. Stage Music becomes "Scorching Journey".

Lumen Audiolocket 6 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Stratacombs. Stage Music becomes "Rouge Shimmer".

Lumen Audiolocket 7 - Can be synthesized after locking in 3000 Kudos in the Pharma Lab. Stage Music becomes "A Zip to the Moon".

  • Note: The Audiolockets only modify the music you get upon reaching 1000 Kudos in a stage. They do not actually override the standard music, unfortunately. Also, the theme that plays depends on the locket you wear when you first earn 1000 Kudos. Getting 1000, resetting them, switching lockets, and earning another 1000 won't change the theme.

Clips Edit

The equipment category "clips" is exclusive to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, and takes the role of affecting Gunvolt's tag capacity. This means that tags are now independent of bullet type.

Raphael - Starter clip, holds 3 tags.

Michael - Holds only 1 tag, but Flashfield is slightly stronger.

Gabriel - Holds only 2 tags, but Flashfield is very slightly stronger.

Uriel - Holds 4 tags, but Flashfield is very slightly weaker.

Raguel - Holds 5 tags, but Flashfield is slightly weaker.

Zerachiel - Holds 6 tags, but Flashfield is weaker.

Ramiel - Holds 8 tags, but Flashfield is much weaker.

Lucifer - No tags, but bolts are stronger.

Trivia Edit

Most of GV's clips are named after archangels from Christianity.

Subroutines Edit

Subroutines are Copen's method of powering up in lieu of physically swapping out his gear. He can load a varying number of subs based on his equipment's capacity. Be advised, loading too many will still provide the effects, but also add debuffs, or "bugs" to Copen's gear.

List of observed "bugs" Edit

This is a list of bugs discovered through gameplay, but conditions to activate each bug are unknown.

Attacks deal less damage.

Enemies deal more damage.

HP becomes 1

  • Copen's subroutines can gain experience over the course of missions. Once they level up, they become "optimized" (represented by an "R" next to their name) and take up 1 less memory.

Standard Subs Edit

Hover - Starter equipment. Automatically causes you to hover after a Bullit Dash.

Prevasion- Starter equipment. Allows you to Prevade attacks for 1 Bullit.

  • While equipped, Prevasion is always active unless you equip a sub that disables Prevasion.

Damage Buffer - take 5% less damage.

Aerial Guard- take 10% less damage while midair.

Invincible Reload - become invincible while reloading.

Impact Armor - negates knockback.

Heaven or Hell - Health becomes 200, spikes become instant death, disables Prevasion, 10% boost to Kudos.

Heaven or Hell X - Health becomes 1, Prevasion disabled, Kudos doubled.

Healing Aid - Health pickups heal more.

HP Converter - 5% of money obtained becomes HP.

Auto-Recover - Gradually heals Copen while standing still.

Credit Priority - Earn more money, but take more damage.

EXP Priority - Earn more EXP, but take more damage.

Weapon Compressor - EX Weapons cost less energy.

Bullit Optimizer - Once you land on the ground, your first Bullit Dash afterwards does not consume a Bullit

Bullit Scavenger - Each kill restores one Bullit

Weapon Recharger - Weapon Gauge recovers faster, but Kudos capped at 1200

Bullit Capacity 1 - max Bullit count +1

Bullit Capacity 2 - max Bullit count +2

Bullit Capacity 3 - max Bullit count +3

Aerial Sniper - deal more damage to tagged foes while mid-air

Aerial Assassin - shots become stronger in the air, weaker on the ground

Risky Gunplay - Shots deal more damage, but your health is reduced by 20% and Kudos locked at 1200

Impact Reload - increases damage from landing on enemies with aerial reload

Deadly Aim - deal damage when tagging foes

Weapon Overclock - EX weapons hit harder, but use more energy

Lucky Prevasion - 10% to Prevade without using Bullits

Lucky Dash - 10% chance Bullit Dash uses no Bullits

OD Subroutines Edit

OD, or Overdrive Subs, are special programs with magnified effects. However, they have a restriction on their use. They only activate when Kudos exceed 1000. Equipped subs will permanently activate during Anthem, and can be utilized even with the Mute sub.

List of OD Subs Edit

OD Auto-Recover - restores HP automatically, even when moving.

OD Hardening - negates extremely minor damage

OD Hardening X - negates minor damage

OD Shield Optimizer - Allows Flashfield deployment regardless of Weapon Gauge's energy level

OD Impact Reload - increases damage dealt by aerial reload

OD Deadly Aim - damage foes when tagging them

OD Pawn Killer- increase damage against regular foes. Does not work on bosses.

OD King Slayer - increase damage against bosses

OD Risk It Al - Shred Storm's power increases based on Kudos, but using it drops your HP to 1.

OD Need for Greed - increases money earned

OD Avid Learner - increases EXP earned

OD Lucky Surprise - all subs named "Lucky" receive +10% chance to activate

Special Subs Edit

These subs have special conditions to synthesize other than "make the prerequisite item"

Perfection Protocol - Complete story to unlock. Removes checkpoints

Mute - Complete story to unlock. Even when your Kudos reach 1000+, Lola will not sing. Also disables Anthem.

SONG_01.np3 - Bank 3000 Kudos in the intro stage. Contains a recording of Indigo Destiny.

SONG_02.np3 - Bank 3000 Kudos in Babel. Contains a recording of Vast Circle.

SONG_03.np3 - Bank 3000 Kudos in Isle of Dreams. Contains a recording of Multi-Universe

SONG_04.np3 - Bank 3000 Kudos on Highway. Contains a recording of lolite.

SONG_05.np3 - Bank 3000 Kudos in the Frozen City. Contains a recording of "A Flash of Azure"

  • Note: "np3" subs disable Prevasion

Shield Construct - unlocked via ASG1 save bonus. Increased shot power, but HP set to 100 and Prevasion disabled.

Code of Shovelry - unlocked by activating and defeating Shovel Knight. When equipped, Copen will bounce off the ground with every aerial reload.

  • Copen will still reload his Bullits when he hits the ground. He just bounces up with <0.5 second's delay.