"I r-remember now... what -we- are here for..."
Elise, Azure Striker Gunvolt

Elise, "The Eternal Envy", also known in Japan as "Unlimited Envy", Elise (嫉ましき生命輪廻(アンリミテッド エンヴィー) エリーゼ, Anrimiteddo Ennvuī, Erīze; Unlimited Envy translating to "Envious Life Revival") is a Sumeragi prisoner, later one of The Sumeragi Seven, a group of Adepts whom serve under Nova, and one of the antagonists of Azure Striker Gunvolt.

Once a young girl bullied for her Septima, Elise was captured by Sumeragi and locked in the Stratacombs where she is being held prisoner within said secret research facility so that the conglomerate can attempt to gain full control over her septima, "Rebirth", known in Japan as "Unlimited Animus" (生命輪廻(アンリミテッド アニムス), Anrimiteddo Animusu lit. Life Reincarnation), which grants her the ability to manipulate the soul into weaving out life for an infinite duration, commonly manifested as necromancy.

English Website Description Edit

Elise is an Adept who is currently being held prisoner by the Sumeragi Group. Her Septimal power, known as "Rebirth," gives her the ability to manipulate the soul, and return life to those who once lost it. Sumeragi failed to bring her immense septimal power under control, which in one incident, triggered a rampage that decimated the research facility where she was being held. This was caused by implanting her brain with a more aggressive persona to replace her original weak-willed self, which resulted in a split-personality that can manifest itself in the real world, unlike Lumen, which is only a virtual avatar. The Glaive which holds her septimal power is known as the "Living Blade."

Appearance Edit

Elise is a teenager with waist-length white hair and purple eyes. She is seen wearing a female Sumeragi prisoners uniform, which is a short, pale blue gown, with black bracelets. Numerous artwork depicts her wearing a Sumeragi officers uniform.

In her Weaponized form, Elise gains short, purple hair, and black eyes with purple irises. She wears purple, grey and black armour. On her head is a headpiece which vaguely resembles a cobra's hood, with a long pink "tail" sprouting from it with a spearhead on the end. Her arms are also covered in armour that resembles a cobra hood.


Representing the sin envy, Elise is a very weak willed person. Frequently bullied at school, she became quiet and reclusive, occasionally playing video games to escape real life. She also appears to have some form of dissociative identity disorder (DID), switching from a very passive, cowardly persona, to an aggressive, dominating one. After being experimented on, this second personality became able to manifest itself into the real world. At her heart, Elise is a being corrupted by envy, full of hate and jealousy at those able to live a normal, happy life.


Unlike some DID cases, Elise's original alter can communicate with her other ones. Also, unlike any real-life case, her alters can manifest themselves as physical entities. She has three known alters.

Submissive Alter Edit

Elise's original alter and the first one to be encountered. She is very passive and seemingly weak-willed.

The submissive alter is found at the end of the second part of Stratacombs ~Underworld~ where she appears frightened as well as amnesiac. She asks Gunvolt to help her find the way out. As they are exiting the facility, Elise recalls the terrible experiments done on her and the tragic events she had unfolded. Shortly afterward, she releases her dominant alter and fights Gunvolt.

Dominant Alter Edit

The alter created by Sumeragi to replace the original one.

Despite her initial design to replace the original alter, the dominant alter coexists with the submissive alter. She is very objective and seems to play the "master" role in Elise. It's speculated that this dominant alter is the result of some tabooed longing Elise had regarding the bullies who bullied her.

The dominant alter is introduced after the submissive alter experiences an intense memory recall; she, along with the original alter, fights Gunvolt at Stratacombs ~Underworld~.

Crazed Alter Edit

A third alter. She is much more powerful than the other alters.

She is introduced in Babel ~Stratosphere~. She fights Gunvolt along with the first two alters after she is introduced. She is invincible to Gunvolt's attacks.

Sometimes she compares battles to games: but that might be a representation of herself (since she never had any friends to play with) in her manner of doing things.


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