First appearing in Gal Gun, Ekoro showed up as a playable character in the crossover action platformer Mighty Gunvolt. Her attacks in Mighty Gunvolt are derived from concepts in Gal Gun, with a pistol that shoots arrows that turn into a heart on impact. She also has a charge-up attack that allows her to convert defeated enemies into helpers that follow behind, shooting at any other near-by enemies. Lastly, she can briefly hover for a short time, allowing her to reach difficult platforms.

Ekoro also appears in Blaster Master Zero as a DLC character alongside Gunvolt. She'll be available at the start of June for free until June, 14th as paid DLC.

She makes an appearance in Mighty Gunvolt Burst as a free DLC character until August, 8th as paid DLC character.


Ekoro is the lovely angel from Inti Creates' Gal Gun series. She can float through the air and convert enemies to fight alongside her by using her Lock-On Shot

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