Data Store
"A magnetic personality lurks amidst Sumeragi's labyrinths of data: Carrerra, who reaches toward the intruder with greedy fists..." - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Datastore (Databank Facility in Japan) is a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Spintronics". This facility contains a significant portion of Sumeragi's experimental and clinical data, including the ones that led to the creation of Gunvolt and Joule.

Briefing Edit

Zeno: You'll be interested in this mission. QUILL needs you to hit a datastore. Sumeragi uses it to bank clinical data for every adept they've tested on. Which means they still have some files on you and Joule...

Gunvolt: Gack that. I'm not gonna let them use what they did to her or me to hurt other adepts. When do I start?

Zeno: Heh, I thought you might feel that way, Geeves.

Stage composition Edit

This stage's gimmicks are mainly focused on magnetism and using your Flashfield to make stuff move around.

  • Giant metal blocks that are pulled by your Flashfield, and begin to move back a few seconds after the Flashfield stops. Be careful, getting squashed by one of these is a death even Anthem can't save you from.
  • Magnetic bombs that don't react until you shoot them or activate Flashfield. A few seconds in flight, they explode into fireballs.
  • Platforms in the walls in are pulled out by Flashfield and slowly retract.
  • Magnetic ceilings that pull you up if you keep your Flashfield on. Generally placed to allow hovering over spike pits.
  • Magnetic platforms that get pulled around by your Flashfield. Generally used in puzzles involving laser cannons.