"A brave new digital world where reality is virtual and fact is fiction - all ruled by a fatally glitched set of protocols." - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Data Facility is one of Gunvolt's exclusive stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Originally a Sumeragi datastore, this facility has been captured by Teseo, who treats it and the information within as his own playground.

Briefing Edit

Xiao: I need you to look into an old Sumeragi facility. Eden took it over and digitized it somehow.

Gunvolt: Wait. They digitized a building?

Xiao: Well, it's a bit hard to tell. But it's weird, whatever it is. There's a lot of risk here. Can we count on your help?

Gunvolt: Yeah, of course. I'll head out right away.

Stage Composition Edit

  • Teseo's done some pretty weird things to this facility, which translate into stage gimmicks, including;
    • Connected pits that let you fall endlessly a la infinite portal loop.
    • Red platforms that disappear upon Flashfield exposure.
    • Blue platforms that only appear when exposed to the Flashfield.
    • Magnetic platforms that move when zapped.
  • Teseo can spawn Curse Scripts, which look like Lumen. If they touch Gunvolt, they gradually drain his health. They can be "destroyed" with a touch of the Flashfield, but they come back a few seconds later.
  • There is a secret alcove containing a hidden skill amongst the mag platforms.
  • Teseo has hacked your comms. Prepare for trolling.

Challenges Edit

Ergo, Ego - Clear within 12 minutes. Rewards: 5 Nanochip 98's.

The Power of Dreams - Clear within 8 minutes. Rewards: 1 Microdegenerator.

Transmitter - Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 3 Proto Infrastructures.

Suddenly... - Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 3 High-end NcGbx's.

Grid One - Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 1 Phoenix Ore.

Speedy Breakthrough - Clear without falling through the pit in the gauntlet room. Rewards: 3 Garnets.

Warp Limiter - Clear while falling through any connected pits 3 times, including the first one. Rewards: 5 Quartzites.

Eternal Providence - Clear after obtaining all 5 medals in one run. Rewards: 10 Nanochip 98's.

Tomorrow's Reality - Clear 3 times. Rewards: 2 Microdegenerators.