A summary for each character (or group of characters) in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.

Azure Striker GunvoltEdit

Gunvolt - The main protagonist. Also known as "The Azure Striker" or "GV", Gunvolt was a member of the resistance group QUILL until he came across Joule. Instead of killing her as his orders say, Gunvolt takes her in and leaves QUILL, though he still accepts missions from them.

Joule - Joule is an adept who was being controlled by Sumeragi because of her Septimal power.

Lumen - Lumen, also known as the Muse, is a projection of Joule's power. She is used by the Sumeragi to control adepts. Some of her songs are played during the game and she can "reincarnate" Gunvolt.

Asimov - The leader of QUILL. He is the one who rescued Gunvolt and effectively raised him, becoming a father figure to him. Like Gunvolt, he is an Azure Striker, and can be fought if Gunvolt has the seven jewels scattered throughout the stages and fulfills certain requirements.

Moniqa and Zeno - Members of QUILL and Gunvolt's former teammates, who continue to work with him even after he leaves QUILL.

The Sumeragi Swordsmen - Seven high-ranking adept members of the Sumeragi Group. Representing the seven deadly sins, they serve as the game's main bosses. Their names are Merak, Carrera, Jota, Elise, Viper, Stratos, and Zonda

Copen - Gunvolt's de facto rival. Also known as "The Adept Slayer", Copen works against both QUILL and Sumeragi, with the vengeful goal of wiping out all adapts.

Nova Tsukuyomi - The main antagonist. Also known as "The Mighty", Nova is Sumeragi's most powerful adept and the commander of the seven adept bosses. He is in charge of Project Muse, the goal of which is to use Lumen to control all the world's adepts and bend them to Sumeragi's will.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2Edit

Gunvolt - The main protagonist and playable character alongside Copen. After the traumatizing finale to the previous game, Gunvolt chances upon a girl called Quinn, who helps him get back on his feet.

Copen - The main protagonist and playable character alongside Gunvolt. GV's rival, Copen continues his goal of wiping out all adepts on earth, in honour of his late father.

Joule - A deceased adept who now resides inside Gunvolt, pushing his power to new limits.

Quinn - A girl with no septimal powers who is saved from a murderous adept by Gunvolt. She now lives with him, and serves as his moral support.

Xiao Wu - Gunvolt's operator and a former QUILL operative who's division was wiped out by "Eden".

Lola - A robot that serves as Copen's combat support, as well as his self proclaimed "guardian".

Mytyl - Copen's younger twin sister who, due to her weak constitution, spends her days in a medical facility.

Nori - Copen and Mytyl's maid and Copen's operator when he goes out on missions.

The Seven - A group of seven powerful and admired adepts within the multinational adept union Eden. Based off classical fairy tales, they serve as the game's main bosses. Their names are Tenjian, Teseo, Ghauri, Desna, Milas, Asroc and Gibril.

Mysterious Girl - A mysterious young adept who appears before Gunvolt and Copen.

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