Biochem Plant
Within this searing crucible writhes a vengeful demon: Viper, whose fiery fury grows and threatens to engulf everything... - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

The Biochem Plant (known as Chemical Factory in Japan) is a mission in Azure Striker Gunvolt, codenamed "Conflagration". Gunvolt's objective here is to plant a bomb inside a Sumeragi biochemical plant


Asimov: QUILL will be staging a raid on one of Sumeragi's biochemical plants.
I've sent you coordinates for the heart of the plant. You need to place a bomb.

Gunvolt: Roger that. What's my ingress?

Asimov: Automated freight train. We found one that does regular supply drops.
That's your ticket in.

Stage CompositionEdit

The first are of this Stage is a train, here you can find the all-new Explosive Containers from the
Biochem Plant (1)
game. You can destroy them by doing damage (Flashfield, Gun, etc), when it's attacked, this Container destroys everything near it and can Trigger other Containers as well. You will find Launchers around this area and the new Fire Gunners. You can also destroy the normal Containers and other Enemies to gather Kudos and Badges.

After destroying the Spidey Unit, you will enter inside the real Biochem Plant. You will have to destroy some Containers and a odd Mechanical enemy (you need to destroy it before it selfdestructs) to get through. here is also a Sliders during the stage, it will send Containers to damage you (sending Gunvolt to the Lava), you can easily destroy them or dodge them in certain cases (you cant destroy Darker Containers). There will be a Hot Water Gas that will damage Gunvolt, you can avoid them by jumping if they are on the ground or just walk if they are on the roof. You will have to use a Platform to avoid the Lava in the near end of the mission. During the middle, you will find tons of Containers and Explosive ones, that means you are near the next Gem, to unlock them you need to destroy very especific Containers to unlock it. You will also find Assassins, these are Sumeragi soldiers that use Sword as main weapon.

Spidey UnitEdit

Biochem Plant (2)
Before joining the Biochem Plant. You will see a big, yellow and grey Mechanic Spider. The only way of destroying the Spidey Unit is to destroy it in the head but most likely it will be protected to an armor of the Spidey Unit, when the Spider starts attacking, the head will be free and you will be able to damage it with any Attack or Ability.

Boss: ViperEdit


Sunshine Nova

After finishing Biochem Plant, you will find Viper (a.k.a The Burning Wrath). This is a top Sumeragi agent.

He will use a Weapon similar to the Launcher's Gun, he will do an attack called Angry Bombs to deal damge (Creating Red Balls to attack Gunvolt, this attack can be avoided by appearing on his back).

He will do an almost harmless attack called Slider (will attack the opponent by dashing at him, don't do much damage). After losing his first Health Gauge, Viper first jumps towards the fire pillar farthest from him. He then performs a wall-kick towards the other fire pillar, shooting a three-way set of angry bombs towards the ground while he is mid-air. He performs a second wall-kick once he reaches the second pillar, shooting a two-way set of angry bombs towards the floor while he is mid-air.

At the conclusion of this attack, Viper will perform a third wall-kick towards Gunvolt and kick him (this attack is called Unicorn Drop). His Special attack is "Sunshine Nova".