"The goddess in the tower foretells disaster. But the warrior's faith in his God tells him to defy a fate set by monsters." - Flavor Text

Intro Edit

Babel (known as Heaven's Inverted Spear in Japan) is one of Copen's stages in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

It is Sumeragi's space elevator, besieged and hijacked by Eden. Their goal is the orbital station at the top, which contains Sumeragi's data on Project Muse.

As the leader is carrying a mirror shard with them, it only reinforces Copen's motivation to storm the tower himself.

Briefing Edit

Nori: A group from Eden has stormed Sumeragi's orbital elevator. They're being led by an Adapt* with a mirror shard.

Copen: Then we need to get there right away. The orbital elevator... Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, it seems.

*Yep, that's another typo right there

Stage composition Edit

  • This stage is a mainly vertical climb to the top where the leader awaits.
  • The interior of the tower is filled with giant pillars of hair criss crossing the walls. They act as platforms, but also as perches for enemies.
  • The second segment of the tower will take you outside the tower. Beware of strong winds that push you about.
  • The glass mirror tiles shatter about 2 seconds after you step on them. Stay light on your feet.

Challenges Edit

The Returned - Clear in 11 minutes.

Stargazer - Clear in 7 minutes.

The Seer's Lament - Clear with Rank B or higher. Rewards: 3 Proto Infrastructures.

Demonic Sigh - Clear with Rank A or higher. Rewards: 3 High-end NcGbx's.

Vanishing Venus - Clear with Rank S or higher. Rewards: 1 Phoenix Ore.

Crescent Moon - Defeat 50+ enemies in the air in a single run. Rewards: 3 Garnets.

Hurricane - Stay airborne for 30 seconds without touching the ground. Rewards: 6 Quatrzites.

Tower of Stars - Obtain all 5 medals and clear the stage. Rewards: 10 Nanochip 98's.

Pegasus Rising - Clear 3 times. Rewards: 2 Microdegenerators.