Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime, also known as Armed Blue Gunvolt OVA in Japan, is an original animation video created in a collaboration between Inti Creates, TOHOKUSHINSHA, and LandQ Studio's. It is an anime side-story loosely based on the opening stage of Azure Striker Gunvolt, and is intended to introduce story elements of the series that were not seen or elaborated upon in the game.[1] The OVA features the Japanese voice actors reprising their roles from the game, but also features English voice actors, a series first.

The OVA, originally scheduled for a winter 2016 release, released internationally on the Nintendo eshop on February 9, 2017. [2]

Plot Edit

The OVA with Gunvolt on a mission attacking a Sumeragi Group base. The next day, the news reports that the suspect is the same one involved in the kidnap of virtual pop idol Lumen, and is also thought to be responsible for the blackout that dame night. The news then cuts to the leader of the Sumeragi Adept Defence Task Force, Nova Tsukuyomi, who issues a statement at a press conference claiming the incident proves that Adepts are too dangerous to be left unregulated. Watching at home, Joule turns off the T.V., and looks over at Gunvolt, internally monologuing that no matter what the world thinks, she knows the truth, and that she'll never forget what he did for her.

Staff and Cast Edit


Gunvolt: Kaito Ishikawa / Josh Keller

Joule/Lumen: Megu Sakuragawa / Diana Garnet

Asimov: Masashi Yukita / Maxwell Powers

Moniqa: Moemi Otaka / Hannah Grace

Zeno: Haruki Ishiya / Stephen Wiley

Copen: Kosuke Masuo / Peter Von Gomm

Nova: Ayumu Murase / Chris Nelson

Merak: Yuuta Kasuya / Vinay Murthy

Romeo: Hideki Makino / Cyrus Sethna

Other: Wataru Takagi, Ousuke Yoshitatsu, Kaoru Akiyama


Director/Continuity/Producer: Yoshinori Odaka

Scenario: Shigeru Murakoshi

Character Design/Animation Supervisor: Masakazu Sunagawa

Action Director/Key Animator: Koudai Kawase

Props/Mecha Design: Ryuta Nakahara

Film Director: Polunt Sai

Backgroud Art Director: Keinichi Kurata

Color Design: Kanna Terawake

Animation Inspector: Mikie Matuyama

Backgroud Art: Baku Production

Music: Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami

Film: LandQ Studio's


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first piece of media in the entire Azure Striker Gunvolt series to feature an English dub.
  • Jota, Elise, Stratos, Viper, Carrera and Zonda make a cameo appearance at the end of the OVA as silhouettes.

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