Admiration to Peace

Admiration to Peace is a soundtrack for the game Azure Striker Gunvolt by Inti Creates.

It is one of eight OSTs made for the games, the others being "The Armed Blue Gunvolt Official Soundtrack", "Justice Rage", "Lazy Kingdom", "Armed Blue Gunvolt: Claw Soundtrack", "Into the Blue" and "Electro Rotation".

Unlike AzPh or the OST, this track contains no music (save for the karaoke versions of Lumen's songs). It is a set of audio dramas similar to those of Justice Rage.

The difference here is that the tone of each drama is more lighthearted, focusing on the slice-of-life events that members of QUILL go through daily.

These tracks are not really relevant to the plot, they are more designed as character development for the protagonist characters.

This CD is currently not available outside of Japan. However, a rough fan translation exists.

Tracklist Edit

1. Reminiscence- As Joule is about to fuse herself with GV, she thinks back on some of the moments she experienced, in that freedom that couldn't last...

2. Peace- While Gunvolt is away, Joule wants to do something for him. Perhaps writing a song will do?

3. Complication- Unable to make a song for GV, Joule decides to clean the house instead. Then she finds GV's QUILL uniform, and...

4. Prayer- Hearing about a shrine famous for its marriage charms, Joule makes her way to get one. Along the way, she meets two very familiar people...

5. Ninja Arts- Moniqa asks Asimov about a report on GV's mission in the Biochem Plant. Sumeragi employs ninjas?!

6. Cooking- Gunvolt wonders what he should have for dinner. Then Joule comes in, volunteering to take over...

7. Karaoke- Zeno invites GV and Joule to go karaoke. Unexpectedly, Asimov and Moniqa join in as well.

8. Residual Song- Her reminiscing over, Joule follows GV as he leaves Babel, as azure fades into the twilit sky.

9. Find Out - Hope Compass- The song Moniqa and Asimov sing during Karaoke. It's a duet~

10. Cyanotype- The song Joule made for GV. What if Joule's theme had lyrics?

References Edit

Skybane's Gunvault

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