Adepts (known as Psychics in Japan) is the name given to a sub-species to the Human race that appear in the Azure Striker Gunvolt series.


Physically and mentally, Adepts are exactly the same as any normal Human. What makes Adepts unique is their affinity with the 7th wave of the Lifewave, known as Septima, which has only recently been discovered, with the first Adept discovered in South America. Thus, the vast majority of Adepts tend to be young adults or children.

A kind of ESP, Adepts use Septima to, at it's most basic level, bend various forms of energy to their will. This allows them to do unimaginable things like control fire, fly, and in general defy the laws of nature and physics.

Adepts are created through two methods. Either they are born naturally, or Septimal Inducers can be implemented into a normal Human, gifting them with Septima. Currently, only the Sumeragi Group has the technology required to perform the latter method.

Because of their powers, Adepts often face intense discrimination and persecution and are either feared or hated by Non-Adepts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the nation of Japan, where Sumeragi hunts down Adepts on the grounds of them being a national threat, and performs experimentation to on them, in hopes of using Septima as an alternative energy source. Ironically, some of Sumeragi's highest ranking members are Adepts themselves, who's Septimal powers are controlled by Sumeragi using Glaives.

However, there are examples of groups that fight for Adept rights: QUILL, a former human rights group that does battle against the Sumeragi Group, and the far more extreme Eden, an Adept supremacist faction that threatened to wipe out all Non-Adepts.

It has been mentioned that Adept birth rates are on the rise, which may suggest they are a result of evolution, and may come to replace regular Humans all together.