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Support - Editing

Hello, Azure Strikers and Wikians, today I will show how to edit our Wikia in the best way! (Tutorial #01 - written by BeoBlade)
Beginning: Dont be shy on editing a page, we all started as beginners someday but be sure to avoid typos or stuff like "btw" or "ftw"  on the pages. It's kinda hard to understand for certain people. The only one that might be accepted is ASG (a.k.a Azure Striker Gunvolt).
Informations: Be 100% sure that the information is right before adding any information to a page, it's not good for the Wiki nor for you if you add a fake info.
Words: Dont use too much dots or commas inside any page, it removes the professionalism that the Azure Striker Gunvolt Wiki has. If you dont know the amount of dots/commas you should use, try to find a dictionary and use it while writing.
Images/Videos: Images and Videos are very useful to add in any page but make them fit on them, using giant images and/or videos can make someone's pc lag and might be Annoying.
Trolls: If a Troll vandalize a page, be sure to undo his edit instead of just adding to the page or the Wikia will get even more work depending on the situation. To undo a edit: Edit > left Arrow > History > Find the edit you want to remove > press "undo".
Double Edit: While editing a page, see if someone is editing the page at the same time, when someone finishes a edit before you finish yours, the Wikia wont post it. (it will only count the first edit and the 2nd one will have a warning telling that someone edited while you was editing).
Locked Pages: When a page is locked for registered members it's because someone tried to vandalize that page, instead of raging on the Comment Section, just create a account or ask to someone edit for you.
Infoboxes: If you dont know wich information to add while creating a Infobox in a page just dont do it. Search for your informations or thoughts first and add. It's no big deal if you cant add everything on a Infobox.
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